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2526 Huayuan Road, Zhangpu Town, Kunshan, China.
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One stop solution for connectors, harnesses, and cables

We integrate the agency and distribution of world-renowned brand connectors, as well as the production of self-made connectors and wire harness cable products as an integrated company

Brand connector

Multiple specifications, in stock inventory to meet any of your needs

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Imitation connector

Alternative connectors with complete models and customizable development options

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Wire harness cable

Customized wiring harnesses and cables, involving numerous industry sectors

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Our product usage

Our products are mainly used in

industries such as industrial, medical,heavy-duty, aerospace, maritime, high-speed trains, servers, outdoor sports, drones, wearable products, office automation, mobile phones, laptops, digital consumer electronics, and more

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Our working environment

A comfortable working environment and atmosphere make us feel at home


Connecting to the intersection platform network, developed and operated by Suzhou Qingshun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., our attitude determines everything, details determine success or failure, goals determine direction, and actions achieve the future. Our company adheres to the principles of honest operation and win-win cooperation to receive every God customer

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