What is a connector? What is the function of a connector?

7 月 4, 2023 CONNECTOR

In our daily lives, connectors are actually used in many places, but you may not be aware of it. Here, I will show you the functions, working principles, and classifications of connectors.

Connectors are electronic components used to connect power and electrical signals. They are commonly referred to as plugs and sockets. Generally, connectors refer to electrical connectors, which are devices used to connect two active components for the transmission of electric current or signals.

Connectors are not only applicable to items closely related to our daily lives, such as smartphones and computers, but also to all electronic-related terminal devices. Since connectors need to accommodate different design styles and purposes, there are various types of connectors available. For example, memory card slots are installed on the PCB of a computer case to connect storage cards. There are also card socket connectors used to connect various cards, such as SD card sockets.

With connectors, both production and maintenance become much more convenient. For instance, directly connecting circuits within a device would take a long time, and dismantling becomes more time-consuming during repair processes. However, with the use of connectors, the process becomes much more convenient. Connectors also facilitate batch production and efficient maintenance.

For the classification of connectors, there is no fixed and unified method. They can be categorized based on their purpose, shape, structure, and performance. Here are a few common classification methods:

1.Shape: Connectors can be classified into five types based on their shape: circular connectors, rectangular connectors, strip connectors, circular arc connectors, and D-shaped connectors. Circular and rectangular connectors are more commonly used.


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