What is IDC cable? What material is it made of?

7 月 4, 2023 CABLE

IDC stands for Insulation Displacement Connection, which involves placing the wire above a slot and using pressure to push the wire into the slot. The insulation on the wire is pierced, allowing the conductor to enter the contact, thereby establishing a connection with the connector. Compared to other methods like crimping, IDC has a lower likelihood of connection errors since it does not require stripping the insulation from the wire and inserting it into a predetermined connection device.

The insulation materials used in IDC ribbon cables can be classified into two categories, each of which includes various compounds and mixtures.


Currently, the majority of insulation materials used in the industry are compounds made from synthetic rubber polymers and synthetic material compositions, providing specific physical and chemical properties. The following are two advantages of the materials used in IDC cables:

1. Thermoplastic Insulation Materials:

These materials offer good electrical performance and relatively low cost. Due to their thin insulation thickness, they exhibit excellent electrical characteristics. They are widely used as insulation materials, especially in high-voltage lines. In comparison to thermosetting insulation materials with similar electrical properties, thermoplastic insulation materials can be manufactured in smaller sizes.

2. Thermosetting Insulation Materials:

These materials have the property of being stretched under mechanical force and returning to their original state once the force is removed. Thermosetting insulation materials are less susceptible to heat softening.

I hope that by sharing the above information, it will enhance everyone’s understanding of IDC ribbon cables.


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