Introduction to I-PEX ISFIT Power Terminals

7 月 5, 2023 CONNECTOR

Solderless press fit connectors are typically used in PCB based assembly processes. Traditional connectors are directly welded to the board, and press fit connectors can be installed using a simple pressing method, thereby simplifying the process. By eliminating the solder installation process, manufacturing costs are reduced.

However, this pressing method can cause damage to the PCB and requires significant insertion force during installation. To address these issues, I-PEX provides a completely new concept of terminals: ISFIT ® series

1.ISFIT ® Reduced damage to PCB

Their unique terminal design and spring structure reduce damage to the PCB during insertion. Traditional fisheye terminals do not have a bullet structure, which can damage the edge of the PCB through-hole and also damage the inner wall.

2.ISFIT ® Only low insertion force is required

ISFIT ® The shrapnel structure terminal absorbs insertion force during the insertion process. Compared to fish eyes, it reduces the coefficient of friction and keeps the insertion force low from start to finish

3.ISFIT ® Terminal series


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