Why are wiring terminal connectors always plated with a layer of nickel, and what are its characteristics?

7 月 5, 2023 CONNECTOR

In order to protect the terminal contact base material from corrosion, optimize the surface performance of the terminal, and establish and maintain the contact interface between terminals, surface treatment, specifically electroplating, is performed on the terminal connectors. Why is nickel plating chosen for this purpose?

This is because nickel plating offers the following four characteristics:

1.Fine crystalline structure: Nickel plating has excellent polishing properties, resulting in a mirror-like appearance that can maintain its shine over an extended period in the atmosphere.

2. High stability in the air: The nickel layer is highly stable in the air due to the strong passivation ability of metallic nickel. It rapidly forms a thin passivation film on the surface, which protects against corrosion from the atmosphere, alkalis, and certain acids.

3. High hardness: Nickel plating provides improved wear resistance to the product’s surface. It is commonly used in the printing industry to enhance the hardness of lead surfaces. Additionally, in chemical equipment, thicker nickel plating is often employed to prevent corrosion by the medium, benefiting from the high chemical stability of metallic nickel.

4. Wide range of applications: Nickel plating can serve as a protective and decorative coating. It is used on steel, zinc die-castings, aluminum alloys, and copper alloys to protect the substrate from corrosion or for decorative purposes, providing a bright and shiny appearance.


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