What is a connector? Its types and applications.

7 月 6, 2023 CONNECTOR

What is a connector?

A connector is a communication bridge in electronic devices, serving as an electronic component structure that facilitates the transmission and exchange of electric current, optical signals, and other signals between electronic system equipment. It typically consists of four main components: the contact interface, contact coating, contact elastic element, and connector body. As a node, the connector independently or together with other components enables the transmission of electric current or optical signals between devices and systems while maintaining signal integrity and minimizing energy loss. It is an essential component for establishing a complete and functional system connection. The quality of a connector is often evaluated based on its electrical, mechanical, and environmental performance. With the diversification of electronic products and the expansion of application scenarios, the variety of connectors has increased. Connectors can be classified into electrical connectors, microwave connectors, optical connectors, and fluid connectors based on the different transmission media. Each type of connector has specific design and manufacturing requirements.

Types and Applications of Connectors

Connectors come in various types, including cable-to-board connectors, pin and socket connectors, RJ45 connectors, circular connectors, fiber optic connectors, USB data connectors, and more. The choice of connector depends on factors such as the intended application, environmental conditions, current and voltage requirements, and the desired mating method. Connectors are widely used in industries such as CNC machines, renewable energy, automotive, consumer electronics, and automation equipment.

The Essence of Connectors: Connecting Different Units; Based on Transmission Medium: Light and Electricity. Subdivisions in Light: Long-distance single-mode, short-distance multi-mode; Subdivisions in Electricity: High-current power supply, low-current signal transmission. Based on Industry Sectors: Automotive, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Robotics, Consumer Electronics, and some sub-domains.


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