What are the advantages of pin header and socket connectors? Precautions for using pin header and socket connectors!

7 月 7, 2023 CONNECTOR

Pin header and socket connectors are widely used in the electronics industry mainly due to their 6 key advantages:

1.Compact design and convenient fitting, with noticeable differences in size and assembly compared to through-hole pin headers.

2.Pin header and socket connectors can attenuate electromagnetic interference and possess the ability to shield against electromagnetic interference.

3.As connectors are typically used as communication interfaces between PCB motherboards and external components, pin header and socket connectors have a strong load-bearing capacity, even under significant external forces.

4.Components assembled using through-hole technology exhibit higher reliability compared to their surface-mount counterparts. Pin header and socket connectors can withstand strong tensile forces, torsion, and thermal shocks without detaching from the PCB.

5.They can meet the requirements for high voltage and large current transmission.

6.Pin headers, contact points, or contact terminals can withstand additional test voltages.

Operating precautions for pin header and socket connectors:

1.Check if anti-static measures are in place for the pin headers and sockets.

2.Strictly control the temperature and time during wave soldering. The preheating temperature should be 100°C ±5°C, not exceeding 120°C. The preheating temperature should rise steadily. The soldering temperature should be 245°C ±5°C. It is recommended to keep the soldering time within 3 seconds.

3.The minimum current value for pin headers and sockets is 20mA. It is generally recommended to use a current not exceeding 80% of the rated value. Particularly for devices with small pin spacing and poor heat dissipation conditions, the current value may decrease.

4.Pin headers and sockets generate heat during operation. Excessive temperature can affect the decay rate and stability of LEDs. Therefore, the heat dissipation of the printed circuit board and the ventilation of the enclosure can both affect the performance of pin headers and sockets.

5.Control the verticality of the circuit board. For straight pin headers and sockets, ensure that LEDs are perpendicular to the printed circuit board during reflow soldering by employing adequate technical measures.


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