Why did you choose the I-PEX FPC connector?

7 月 8, 2023 CONNECTOR

1.Mechanical latch enhances FPC retention

The independent locking terminal improves the retention force of the FPC. The locking terminals are located inside the plastic on both sides of the connector and work together with grooves for embedding FPC. Compared with our company’s 0.3mm spacing and 19Pin connector without mechanical latch, products with mechanical latch can increase FPC retention by about 1.8 times. Therefore, this connector is not only perfectly suitable for applications in high vibration environments, but also more suitable for equipment with high requirements for FPC retention force

Connector with a spacing of 0.3 mm for products with mechanical latch design

MINIFLEX 3-BFN LK (0.3 mm, optional for large Pin count products)

MINIFLEX 3-BFN L-LK-HD (0.3 mm, large pin count, piano cover widened)

MINIFLEX 3-BFNH L-HD (0.3mm, reinforced)

Connector with mechanical latch and spacing of 0.4 mm~0.5 mm

MINIFLEX 4-ST (0.4 mm, ultra-low height, 0.50 mm)

MINIFLEX 5-BFN II LK (0.5 mm, high temperature resistant)

DW-5 (0.5 mm, compatible with electronic cables and FPC connectors)

2.The Hold Down design can prevent damage to the plastic side and prevent the piano cover from falling off

Have you encountered any poor patterns of piano cover detachment during the use of connectors in your company? Some of the FPC/FFC connectors produced by I-PEX company are designed with Hold Down on the plastic inner side to prevent the piano cover from falling off.

Hold Down welding on the substrate can prevent damage and deformation of the plastic side.

3.Even if the FPC is not inserted, accidental closure of the piano cover will not cause any problems!

The MINIFLEX series products of I-PEX have higher reliability, such as the ability to open and close connectors even without inserting FPCs.

3.1 The connector can still maintain reliability

3.2 Even if the insertion force increases, the performance of the connector can still be maintained

3.3 The retention force of the connector remains unchanged


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