What is a Micro Coaxial Cable Connector?

7 月 9, 2023 CABLE

1.Micro coaxial connector 

The ultra-thin coaxial cable connector is mainly used to connect digital signals between module boards through the differential transmission mode of the ultra-fine coaxial cable. For proper signal transmission, the center conductor that transmits the signal needs to be connected to the signal circuit on the PCB board through the terminals of the connector. The outer conductor of the cable needs to be electrically connected to the PCB board through the metal part of the connector – the shell. The electrical connection between the outer conductor and the PCB board through the connector shell is called “grounding”.

2.Preparation process of ultra-fine coaxial male seat harness

The main process of wire harness preparation:

2.1.Prepare for Cable Assembly

2.2.Install the cable assembly onto the male body assembly and solder the exposed wires to the male signal terminals

2.3.Positioning lock assembly (or lock) male seat part

2.4.Cap the male housing and solder the required areas to complete the male harness

Firstly, the ultra-fine coaxial cables undergo pre-processing for ease of harness assembly. The pre-processed cables are referred to as cable assemblies. This pre-processing simplifies the cable soldering process for the connectors and enhances the stability of the harness quality. It is done before the cable is soldered to the connector.

The outer conductor of the cable is soldered to the connector housing, enabling electrical connection between the outer conductor of the cable and the PCB board for achieving good grounding characteristics.

3.Cable assembly types

Generally, the following cable types can be used for cable assemblies (depending on the cable harness manufacturer):

3.1.All of them are ultra-thin coaxial cables:

Only ultra-thin coaxial cables are used. Cable assemblies can utilize different cable diameters (with potential size limitations).

3.2.Ultra-thin coaxial cables/electronic wire hybrid:

Ultra-thin coaxial cables are used for signal transmission, while discrete wires are used for power supply.

3.3.Grounding plates and grounding fingers:

However, the difficulty of cable harnessing increases, and besides reducing the number of cables used, the electrical characteristics of the harness will be improved.


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