Why did you choose the I-PEX automatic latch FFC connector?

7 月 10, 2023 CONNECTOR

1. Principle of self-locking mechanism

1.1 During homework, only one step is required to complete, effectively improving production efficiency. The self-locking design is also suitable for using automated assembly processes.

1.2 The self-locking mechanism can reliably lock the grooves of the FFC, thereby maximizing the retention force and preventing the FPC from falling off due to pulling and vibration.

When the 1.3 FPC is inserted into place, you can hear and feel the “click” sound emitted by the connector, thereby avoiding the problem of embedding caused by inadequate insertion.

2. High speed transmission

The connector adopts innovative terminals and shielding cover, making high-speed transmission possible.


8+Gbps: EVAFLEX ® 5-VS

10+Gbps: EVAFLEX ® 5-HD

16+Gbps: EVAFLEX ® five

3. High temperature resistance

We offer a variety of products that can operate in high-temperature environments, which are particularly suitable for automotive applications.

-40 ℃~+105 ℃: EVAFLEX ® 5-VS

-40 ℃~+125 ℃: EVAFLEX ® 5-SE, EVAFLEX ® 5-SE-G HT, EVAFLEX ® 5-SE-G VT


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