What is a coaxial cable?

7 月 11, 2023 CABLE

1.Basic structure of the cable

A cable with a simple structure and a conductor wrapped with a layer of coating is called an electronic wire. The cable with multi-layer structure, the center conductor is wrapped with an insulating layer, the outer conductor and the outer layer are called ultra-fine coaxial cables. The outer conductor of the coaxial cable plays the role of electromagnetic shielding, and the electrical signal transmitted through the central conductor is not easily affected by external electromagnetic waves (electromagnetic noise).

2.What is Micro Coaxial Cable?

The size of the center conductor used in the coaxial cable adopts the American Wire Gauge (AWG) standard, and the larger the AWG number, the smaller the size of the center conductor.
In general, coaxial cables with an outer diameter (OD) of 1 mm or less are referred to as “micro-coaxial” cables. Ultra-thin coaxial cables are widely used for signal transmission between internal module boards of personal computers, tablet computers, smart phones and other equipment, as well as signal transmission between precision instruments such as medical, industrial, automotive and aviation.


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