Why Choose I-PEX RF Connectors?

7 月 14, 2023 CONNECTOR

1.Industry standard connectors

existing standards

I-PEX MHF series connectors are standard components for various wireless devices, widely used in smartphones, tablets, laptops, M.2 and M2M wireless modules, car infotainment and navigation systems, etc. With the rapid development of IoT, the MHF series will play an increasingly important role in global wireless connections. I-PEX continues to provide solid, reliable and cost-effective wireless connection solutions. At present, the number of wireless products equipped with MHF series connectors has exceeded 2 billion sets.

5G and future standards

MHF 7 and MHF 7S are a new generation of MHF series products, which are applied to the millimeter wave and sub-6 frequency band solutions of 5G communication . Larger electronic devices, such as laptops, small base stations, and CPEs, require longer antenna wire harnesses. The launch of MHF 7 and MHF 7S products has solved many challenges of 5G communication and led the 5G revolution.

Wi-Fi 6/6E

Among I-PEX products, we have a large number of MHF ® series products that have been confirmed to be compatible with Wi-Fi 6/Wi-Fi 6E through performance evaluation in the 6GHz frequency band (5935 MHz to 7125 MHz) of Wi-Fi 6/Wi-Fi 6E -Fi 6E work.

2.Rich options

2.1Various coaxial cable sizes

  1. PEX provides MHF products suitable for different coaxial cable diameters to meet the needs of various insertion loss and VSWR, and can also flexibly respond to different wireless connection applications inside the device. The coaxial outer diameters of MHF are 0.48mm ( MHF 5 ), 0.81mm ( MHF I , MHF III , MHF 4L , MHF 5 , MHF 5L ), and 2.0mm (MHF I ). Please refer to the table below for the relationship between general insertion loss and cable length of various coaxial cables.

2.2Diversity in mating height and package size

From small electronic devices such as smartphones, tablet computers, and notebook computers to electronic devices that require high impact resistance and vibration resistance, I-PEX’s MHF series products can meet different design requirements. There are also many options for the package of the MHF series female base.

2.3Mechanical lock

I-PEX’s MHF I LK and MHF 4L LK are the first connectors in the industry to improve the mating retention force by installing a mechanical lock on the existing MHF I and MHF 4L Plug. It is most suitable for devices that need to ensure a stable chimera state, such as drones, vehicle management, asset tracking, safety monitoring, and monitoring of practitioners. There are two types of MHF equipped with mechanical locking function, namely MHF I LK and MHF 4L LK. Design engineers can choose flexibly according to the size and performance of the equipment.

2.4Ground shrapnel, ground claw

I-PEX provides PCB grounding spring and grounding claw as MP-A of Earthing system. The grounding spring is assembled on the RF coaxial line, and when used solely for wire management functions, the grounding claw can be omitted. When used as a grounding function, the grounding claw can suppress EMI and help meet the EMC testing requirements of the product.

MHF 7S harness with cable clamp & clip provides optimal EMC solution.

Ideal for 5G mmWave applications.

3.I-Fit ® technology

3.1What is i-Fit technology

The patented technology i-Fit developed by I-PEX belongs to the solderless connection technology and is the core technology of the MHF series connectors. It has a simple structure and scalability, and can handle RF coaxial lines with different wire diameters. I-Fit technology ensures reliable MHF wiring harness connection performance, good product consistency, and helps improve the overall efficiency of the system.

3.2I-Fit with higher accuracy than welding

Comparing the voltage standing wave ratio of products produced using I-PEX patented i-Fit solderless connection technology with products connected through soldering, it was found that there are significant individual differences in the wiring harnesses of soldered products, resulting in unstable product performance. The differences in products produced by i-Fit without welding connection technology are very small, and the consistency of the products is very high, with excellent electrical and high-frequency characteristics.

3.3Industrial applications

The i-Fit patented technology developed by I-PEX company helps antenna manufacturers and wire harness manufacturers complete MHF connector and RF coaxial line assembly in local factories. I-PEX has provided over 1000 specialized riveting equipment to over 100 cooperating companies, and assisted and trained them in producing high-quality MHF series wire harnesses and antennas using MHF riveting equipment and genuine components.

3.4 I-PEX’s fully automatic RF wiring harness solution

I-PEX also caters to customer needs by processing customized MHF wire harness products of various specifications, such as 2-head riveted MHF terminals, one end riveted terminals+one end flush cut, one end riveted terminals+one end wire stripping (pre adhesive tin) as required. Even, the orientation of the connector (90 degree units) can be customized as needed, with some outer covering removed or the middle part peeled off, and grounding terminals riveted to facilitate the installation of MP-A grounding claws and other special customized services. I-PEX independently developed high-speed automated production equipment for MHF wire harnesses, which is a leading enterprise in the field of RF wire harness processing full automation. Fully automated assembly production equipment (FAM) can perform RF coaxial line cutting, wire stripping, connector riveting, orientation inspection, and mechanical and electrical characteristics testing. It produces tens of thousands of wire harnesses every day, while the process defect rate (DPMO) remains below 1.


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