Why choose the I-PEX board to board connector?

7 月 14, 2023 CONNECTOR

1.High speed transmission above 20+Gbps/lane

I-PEX will adopt “Signal integrity” × Ultra miniaturization “technology is applied to high-speed transmission of board to board connectors (FPCs). The provided connectors have the advantages of ordinary board to board (FPC) connectors and are more suitable for internal connections of mobile devices with high-speed data transmission requirements.

Corresponding connector: NOVASTACK ® 35-HDN, NOVASTACK ® 35-HDP, NOVASTACK ® 35-HDH

2. 5G millimeter wave and Sub-6GHz

The board to board connectors developed by I-PEX for 5G transmission have contributed to the application of 5G devices in various countries. The board to board connectors with built-in shielding cover solve the problem of EMI interference, improve EMC resistance, and have the best high-frequency transmission performance (VSWR/IL) and high current requirements of the same specification required for efficient operation of 5G devices.

Corresponding connector: NOVASTACK ® 35-HDN, NOVASTACK ® 35-HDP, NOVASTACK ® 35-HDH

3.EMI fully shielded

The metal shells of the male and female connectors of I-PEX completely surround the signal terminals and solder joints inside the connector. After the combination of the male and female seats, the metal casing provides more grounding contacts, giving the connector excellent grounding performance. Multiple grounding points on the board, all signal terminals of the male and female seats are surrounded by the casing, providing a good 360 degree EMI shielding performance. The interference of other high-frequency signals is suppressed, so designers can configure the connector near the antenna.

Corresponding connector: NOVASTACK ® 35-HDN, NOVASTACK ® 35-HDP, NOVASTACK ® 35-HDH

4.Designed with independent power terminals

The connectors of I-PEX not only meet the current requirements of mobile devices, but also achieve ultra miniaturization of the product.

4.1 Can use reinforcement terminals as connectors for power terminals

Due to the fact that the reinforcing terminal of the board to board connector is made of metal, it is not only used to connect the power terminal, but also enhances the firmness of the connector’s welding on the PCB. The connector has a larger insertion guide, making it easier to insert and fit. In addition, due to the specialized power terminals that withstand high currents, the signal terminals are not used for power supply, thus reducing the number of pins and reducing the connector volume, effectively saving space.

Corresponding connector: NOVASTACK ® 35-P, NOVASTACK ® 35-PH

4.2 Design a dedicated connector with power terminals

The terminal of the transmission power supply adopts Corson copper alloy (copper nickel silicon copper alloy) with better conductivity and thermal conductivity, which is 3.5 times wider than the signal terminal. (Signal terminal width: 0.12mm, power terminal width: 0.42mm)

Corresponding connector: NOVASTACK ® 35-HDP

4.3 Battery connector

Designed with 4 power pins (6.0A) and 4 signal pins, and designed with metal reinforcement and metal guide structure, making the product more sturdy and easier to fit.

Corresponding connector: NOVASTACK ®- B


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