What does the environmental performance of a connector refer to?

7 月 18, 2023 CONNECTOR

When selecting connectors, we often consider the environmental performance and understanding what it entails. Specifically, what does the environmental performance of a connector refer to?

1.Temperature resistance Currently, the upper operating temperature limit for connectors is 200°C, excluding a few specialized high-temperature connectors, and the lower temperature limit is -65°C. Since connectors generate heat at the contact points during operation, resulting in temperature rise, it is generally recommended that the operating temperature equals the sum of the ambient temperature and the contact temperature.

2.Moisture resistance The intrusion of moisture can affect the insulation performance of connectors and cause rusting of metal components. The conditions for constant damp-heat testing include a relative humidity of 95% and a temperature of +40±20°C, with a minimum test duration of 96 hours as specified by product requirements. Alternating damp-heat testing is even more rigorous.

3.Salt Spray Resistance When connectors operate in environments containing moisture and salt, the metal structural components and contact surfaces of the connectors may undergo electrochemical corrosion, affecting the physical and electrical performance of the connectors. To assess the connector’s ability to withstand this environment, salt spray testing is conducted. This involves suspending the connectors in a temperature-controlled test chamber and spraying them with compressed air carrying a specified concentration of sodium chloride solution to create a salt spray atmosphere. The exposure time is determined by product specifications, typically lasting at least 48 hours.

4.Vibration and Shock Resistance Vibration and shock resistance are important performance characteristics of electrical connectors, particularly in special application environments such as aerospace, railway, and transportation. They serve as important indicators for evaluating the mechanical robustness and electrical contact reliability of electrical connectors.

The above are the four key points of common connector environmental performance criteria. In addition to these, other environmental performance aspects of electrical connectors include sealing capability, liquid immersion, and low pressure resistance.

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