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7 月 21, 2023 CABLE

While the data transmission rate is increased, the cable components required by the server are also increasing. Because the printed circuit board has not kept the transmission rate, high -speed cables play a main role. However, the importance of low -speed cable components has not changed. Low -speed components are still often used for power distribution, low -speed signal transmission and auxiliary lines. Low -speed components are rarely defined by industry standards, while high -speed signals are defined by the Standard Committee very frequently. As the density of the server rises, power consumption and heat are also increasing. Therefore, regardless of whether there are standards, all cable components need to be minimized, so that the server system is easy to install and prevent the flow of air flow between the components of the server so as to facilitate heat dissipation.

The advantage of low -speed cables and close -range high -speed cables is that small wire diameters can be used (except, except for power supply). High -density connectors and flexible circuit boards need to use small diameter cables. The smaller the use of the conductor, the more helpful the interconnection density, saving the space required for wiring and cable component connection.

Cable components with small bending radius and easy to wiring

It is essential for high -speed and low -speed internal cables. If the cable can be wiring along the edges or between memory and case, space can be effectively used. Less bending radius can not only reduce the space occupied by the cable, but also effectively use the edge corner of the case.

If the flexibility is insufficient, the component may require a large bending radius to occupy more space. Sometimes the cables need to be wiring along two directions. For example, up and left, the flat cables need to be curved several times, so it is difficult to achieve the steering of the two directions, and the wire beam can easily turn through through the twisting. True connectors are compatible with flexible flexible circuit boards, discrete wires and high -speed impedance control cables. USB or Ethernet is sometimes used as the access interface. They can be wired with low -speed cables.

Cabline® series connector can use various wires

On the front panel of the server with a low -speed cable component, there will be indicator lights, small display screens, and input/output interfaces such as USB and other input/output interfaces. The cable components used in the low -resolution front panel display contain multiple electronic wires, and there may be several pairs of high -speed cables. The LCD display of the small front panel can be set at any position in front of the case, and sometimes it is also set in the hanging ear. These positions are close to the pillar of the cabinet. Because the server is installed here, there will be many sheet metals here. The space that the cable can occupy is limited, and the narrow distance cable component helps to use limited space.

Low -back, miniaturized application

Extreme coaxial components and electronic wire components can be used for extremely low height design. Whether it is a high -speed or low speed, these components have low cup options to save precious space inside the server. It is often used to focus on saving space and lightweight drones, VR devices, and laptops. I-PEX extremely fine coaxial connector and electronic wire connector

I-PEX offers a variety of narrow-spacing output/input connectors. The I-PEX Cabline® series provides a variety of central lines and chimeric directions. The end -connecting electronic wires, shielding wires, impedance control extremely fine coaxials and dual -core coaxials, and even flexible circuit boards (FPCs). If high -speed is required, high -speed and impedance control cables should be selected. Low -speed cable components can use low -cost cables. Although the Cabline connector can be used for high -speed signal transmission, the link performance of the terminal depends on the cable.

Taking the Cabline®-VS polarity coaxial connector as an example, the spacing is 0.5mm, and 10 to 50 PIN feet can be selected. Due to the right -angle mother seat and straight public seat installed with circuit boards, the interface is parallel to the circuit board after installation. The connected options include electronic wires, shielding cables, extremely fine coales, and dual -core coaxials. More compatible with the FPC version. All wiring options of Cabline®-VSF shared a circuit board to install the mother seat. The FPC is an independent option, and the component only uses FPC. Different wires can be mixed with the same component. Electronic cable components contain some high -speed cables very common. If you need to use high -speed cables, the extremely fine coaxial axis can be used for transmission of differential signals. It also provides a shielding option to provide a 360 -degree shield for the connector to help suppress EMI.

Cabline®-CA IIF is suitable for FPC components, and can be compatible with the standard Cabline® CA-II mother seat

I-PEX has the production experience of the narrow-spacing cable components and connectors for decades. According to the system design needs of customers, provide customers with tailor -made solutions

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