Transmission comparison between ultra-fine coaxial bundle jumper connection and low transmission loss board connection

7 月 21, 2023 CABLE

Are you looking for a solution to extend the required transmission distance while suppressing losses? Our ultra-fine coaxial bundle jumper connection can transmit approximately two to three times the distance compared to using a low transmission loss board at any speed.

1. Refer to the specifications for internal loss values; Budget for losses

With the increasing use of high-capacity storage devices, it is easier to appreciate high-resolution images and videos on consumer products such as personal computers, tablets, and smartphones. Therefore, the amount of information that needs to be processed on these devices has sharply increased, and the signal speed in the devices is becoming faster and faster.

However, the higher the speed of signal transmission, the greater the transmission losses such as conductor loss and dielectric loss that occur in the transmission path, making signal transmission more difficult. Therefore, according to transmission standards, there is a reference specification for internal loss values called loss budgeting.

For example, in the USB4 (* 1) specification Ver In the case of 1.0 [Thunderbolt 4 (* 2)], this is a 20Gbps (10GHz)/Lane high-speed transmission, and the loss budget for device A, cable, and device B is specified as -7.5 dB, as shown in the following figure.

2. Typical internal connection mode of USB4 (20Gbps (10GHz)/Lane)

If high-speed signals can be transmitted over long distances on PCB boards within a loss budget range of -7.5 dB, designers will have greater flexibility in designing their PCB boards. (1) When high-speed signals such as USB4 reach a certain transmission distance, low transmission loss boards can be used for transmission. However, the longer the transmission distance, the greater the loss in the transmission path, making it more difficult to transmit signals within the loss budget. Therefore, if the transmission path is long, measures need to be taken to suppress the losses generated in the transmission path.

Although the transmission distance can be extended by using ultra-low transmission loss boards, this may lead to a significant increase in the cost of mass production of products. Other measures to extend the required transmission distance while suppressing losses may be: (2) using jumper transmission paths suitable for high-speed transmission, or (3) using Retimer ICs to correct the attenuated signal waveform and reproduce the original waveform.

In this section, we conducted transmission loss comparison tests on (1) low transmission loss boards and (2) extremely fine coaxial line jumpers

3. Transmission comparison test results of the connection between ultra-fine coaxial bundle jumper and low transmission loss board

3.1 Comparison of transmission losses

CABLINE ®- VS II Very Fine Coaxial Bundle Jumper<Low Transmission Loss Board

3.2 Transmission Distance (USB4 (Thunderbolt 4) Specification (20Gbps (10GHz)/Lane)

CABLINE ®- VS II ultra-fine coaxial bundled jumper>low transmission loss board

3.2.1 Transmission using extremely fine coaxial bundle jumpers: 2 inches, 4 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches

3.2.2 Low loss board transmission: 2 inches, 4 inches

Based on the above measured results, calculate the maximum transmission length for each transmission path with a loss of -7.5 dB (for reference)

At any transmission speed, CABLINE ®- The transmission distance of the VS II ultra-fine coaxial bundle jumper is approximately 2 to 3 times that of using a low transmission loss board.


4. Test conditions

4.1 Dielectric constant: 3.7

(Generally, the dielectric constant of FR-4 board is about 4.7~5.0)

4.2 Specification of very fine coaxial bundle:

Transmission method: differential transmission

Test equipment: Network analyzer Keysight technologies E5071C

Measurement frequency: 20MHz~20GHz

Tested position: 1,2,3,4 (G, S, S, G)

Sample image

Produce low transmission loss boards and CABLINE of different lengths (2, 4, 8, and 10 inches) ®- VS II extremely fine coaxial bundle jumper and compare insertion losses.

Sample photos

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