Applicable to the cable -like connector for ultrasonic probe components

7 月 23, 2023 CONNECTOR

Medical electronic equipment has more and more demand for cable connectors. The connector and cables also need to have the performance of humidity, impact resistance, insert resistance, self -cleaning, prevent EMI, etc., so as to provide reliable connection performance and high signal integrity. Users hope that medical equipment can continue to provide reliable performance day after day, so these connectors and cables must be able to use them in a harsh working environment without damage or loss. At the same time, the insertion life of the connector can exceed thousands of times. In addition, the long -term approval cycle and long product life of the regulatory authorities also require parts suppliers to ensure that their products maintain a certain period of life cycle. Therefore, when choosing a cable connector for medical equipment design, it has a long history, has a successful application experience in the medical electronics equipment industry, and can provide a wide range of solutions to meet the frequent plug -in and humid connections of the equipment and the humid -resistant connection. The supplier and the production line are priceless. I-PEX has several connectors for medical application design.

The most commonly used medical equipment for connectors and cables is an ultrasonic device. Ultrasonic probe line components usually use extremely fine coaxial axes from 42AWG to 36AWG, so as to reduce the weight and volume of the device itself and extremely fine coales can also make the ultrasonic probe soft. The extremely fine coaxial axis that matches the characteristic impedance to transmit the signal on the transmitter/sensor of the ultrasonic probe, so the signal line needs to be shielded to avoid EMI and string disturbances, and ensure that clear images are generated. A single ultrasonic probe component will already use up to 192 or more independent coaxial axes, so how to deal with so many wires is also an important design topic.

The solution includes the direct welding of the line to the switch card, the plate -to -board connection, or directly welded in other types to get the connector. Switching cartoon is usually designed as a small PCB board, which can be used directly for cable connection, but the back is also designed with a board -to -board connector to switch cards to connect between cables and connectors. There are some connectors that can be connected directly with the cable so that they can save the card. For example, the coaxial connector is such a product that can provide a modular structure. It can support direct welding, but also allows probes to be equipped with separate assembly and then installation. It can facilitate the rework and maintenance of the product, effectively avoid product maintenance cycle, and improve the overall cost advantage.

The internal connector can use multiple small PIN number connectors. However, multi -channel ultrasonic probe components require a large PIN number interface connection. In the field of medical applications, medical staff needs to be replaced from one probe to another probe according to the type of ultrasound inspection. Therefore, the interface connector of the large PIN number needs to be specially designed to reduce the insertion power to ensure the convenience of using fashion assembly.

The Cabline®-CA II series pole details of the same axis panel connector is 0.4mm spacing, a combination height of 1mm (± 0.1 mm), a 360 ° full shield metal cover with locks, multiple connection locations, and excellent 20Gbps 20Gbps /Lane’s signal integrity during high -speed transmission provides a perfect solution for equipment that requires high -speed transmission, including ultrasonic probes.

The ultrasonic sensor is generally made of a voltage chip installed on a flexible circuit. The signal is transmitted from a flexible circuit board to the extremely fine coaxial axis and transmitted to it. The application of small and fine coaxial connectors simplifies the structure of flexible components. It can also split pole fine -induced components, and assemble the two components in the final assembly. On the side of the cable, the same method can also be used in the same method. The welded connector, one PCB board, and another interface connector. As a result, the cable can be directly connected to the PCB of the chimeric connector. After that, this component can be covered and installed on the hardware with a lock device to strengthen safety.

The MINIDOCK® series connector can be applied to the reinforced docking equipment and the device that requires lower insertion power, such as the interface connector used by ultrasonic probe components. These connectors need to have a very strong body structure, integrated guidance mechanism, optional moisture -proof function, and support for more than 20,000 times. 

Although there are many connectors for the choice of ultrasonic equipment R & D engineers, the requirements for performance cannot be compromised. The intensity of the connector, easy to use, product reliability, excellent signal integrity, and high frequency plug -in durability are very critical. Subsequently, you need to optimize the selection to balance product application requirements and the realization of the product.


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