Why can I-PEX’s ultra-fine coaxial connectors be widely used?

7 月 23, 2023 CONNECTOR

1.Characteristics of I-PEX ultra-fine coaxial connectors

I-PEX Connectors is a pioneer in the ultra-fine coaxial connector industry, offering a wide range of coaxial connector products for various applications. I-PEX ultra-fine coaxial connectors are among the top choices in the PC tablet connector industry, with a leading market share.

(CABLINE®-VS Receptacle: VESA standard connector)

2.The characteristics of I-PEX shielded connectors.

With the development of high-performance, power-saving, and miniaturized electronic equipment, the demand for high-speed signals is increasing, the number of electronic components operating at low voltage is increasing, and the density of installed electronic components is also increasing. If electromagnetic noise is added from the outside, it may cause unnecessary current in the internal circuit of the device, causing failure or damage of high-performance electronic components, and may also cause damage to electronic devices. .In addition, in electronic devices with wireless communication functions (such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones), electromagnetic waves generated inside the devices increase the noise of the wireless communication circuit, thereby degrading the antenna reception performance.
.In this case, in general, the measure against electromagnetic noise inside the equipment is to physically shield the electromagnetic noise by incorporating an electromagnetic noise filter element into the circuit and/or adding a metal shield to the element.

With the introduction of small devices mounting high-density components, and the emergence of high-speed signals in these devices, it is necessary to take measures against electromagnetic noise at device jumpers. I-PEX has developed a series of connectors that solve the problem of electromagnetic noise in the connector, with suitable grounding structure and covering layer, including the mounting position of the signal terminal tail with metal shielding ( ZenShield®) . This solution is widely adopted by many customers to prevent electromagnetic interference, especially on high-performance devices equipped with wireless communication functions such as Wi-Fi®, GPS, LTE, etc.


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