The lock function of the connector

7 月 24, 2023 CONNECTOR

Connectors with locking functions can strengthen the mating retention force, which helps prevent disengagement of the connection. There are various types of locking methods for connectors.

With the development of high -performance and miniaturization of electronic devices, portable consumer devices such as personal computers, tablets and smartphones have become a well -known thing in our daily life. We take them wherever we go. However, the more frequent the number of portable equipment we carry, the greater the risk of accidents. Therefore, the cables and connectors used for mobile devices should have anti -impact and vibration resistance.

Connectors with locking function can enhance the sustainability of chimeric and prevent connection interruption. The connector has various types of locking methods.

1. Cabline® series lock function

A variety of extremely fine coaxial connectors in the Cabline® series have a lock function

For example, Cabline®-VS II is a 0.5 mm spacing horizontal plug-in model. In the chimeric steps, first complete the chimeric of the public seat, and then rotate the lock cover on the public seat to the parent seat on the PCB.

Maintenance data

For example, the comparison results of Cabline®-VS II 30P public seat show that the public seat with locks remains about 8 times without locks.

* I-PEX can also evaluate vibration, impact, drop test, etc. based on the conditions of the customer’s use

Cabline®-UM is a low-back vertical insertion connector with a 0.4 mm spacing. It has a unique lock cover structure and can achieve automatic locking.

The extremely fine coaxial connector of Cabline® with a lock function

Some Cabline® series also have FPC options

Cabline® FPC connector series with lock function

2. MHF® series lock function

MHF® small radio frequency coaxial coaxial connector series has an LK type and has a lock function. Its patented mechanical locking characteristics have greatly improved the maintenance of the public seat compared with similar small radio frequency coaxial connectors in the market. 

Maintenance data

For example, the public seat maintenance comparison of the MHF®i series connector shows that the MHF®i connector with a lock -locking holder (MHF®I LK) is about twice the MHF®i connector without mechanical lock functions.

MHF® connector series with locking function

3. The lock function of theevaflex® series

EVAFLEX® FFC/FPC connector has an automatic locking function, which can realize a one -step chimeric FFC/FPC, which is stronger and durable than the traditional FFC/FPC connector. Its one -step operation also helps to increase productivity, and it is also designed for the automation of robots.

When the FPC / FFC with a gap is inserted, the Lock Pin with flexible rail shapes in the EVAFLEX® series connector will be locked. In addition, clicking real -time feedback will help prevent situations without completely chimi. The automatic lock structure is reliable to fix the FFC position with gap to create excellent maintenance to fight against tensile and vibration.

FPC maintenance data

For example, EVAFLEX® 5-HD 24P connectors, FPC’s maintenance comparison results show that the FPC with locks remains about 3 times without locks.

EVAFLEX® Connector Series with Auto-Locking Functions

4. The lock function of miniflex®

Miniflex®FPC / FFC connector is usually called Zifs or Lifs, and there is also an LK type with mechanical lock options.

The contact point of the lock generates high maintenance. These contact points are located on both sides of the connector and are designed to capture and maintain a specific incision area of the FPC. They need higher FPC maintenance, and to increase the ideal solution to the smaller PIN count to increase FPC.

FPC maintenance data

For example, the miniflex® 3-BFN series, 0.3 mm spacing, horizontal chimeric FPC/FFC connector, 19P FPC guarantee comparison results show that the maintenance of the LK type FPC lock is better than a connector without lock locks. Keep a height of about 1.7 times. 

MINIFLEX® connector with locks

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