Assembly performance of ultra-fine coaxial cable

7 月 26, 2023 CABLE

The ultra-fine coaxial cable assembly offers stable mechanical structure and supports high-speed signal transmission. With the high flexibility and shielding properties of the ultra-fine coaxial cable assembly, it is highly suitable for electronic products requiring high-capacity data transmission.

Structure of coaxial cable:

Coaxial cable is a multi-layered structure, consisting of a center conductor, insulation layer, outer conductor, and outer covering, known as the ‘coaxial cable’.

Ultra-fine coaxial cable

In coaxial cables, the cables used for high-performance small devices such as laptops, foldable smartphones, and medical equipment are extremely small. Generally, coaxial cables with an outer diameter ≤1mm are referred to as “ultra-fine coaxial cables”

High Flexibility

Ultra-fine coaxial cables are commonly used due to their higher flexibility compared to shielded FPC/FFC. They can maintain stable electrical characteristics even when bent

Excellent Impedance Control

When a high-speed signal is transmitted through a cable, the electrical signal can reflect at impedance discontinuities. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a constant impedance as much as possible to suppress interference and ensure signal quality. By adjusting the distance between the center conductor and the outer conductor or the insulating material, the impedance of the ultra-fine coaxial cable can be appropriately controlled

Outstanding Shielding Capability

The outer conductor of the ultra-fine coaxial cable serves as electromagnetic shielding, providing excellent resistance to electromagnetic interference (EMI) by preventing the leakage of electromagnetic noise from the signal transmitted through the center conductor. Additionally, it exhibits good immunity to electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS) by effectively protecting against external electromagnetic noise

Ultra-fine Coaxial Cable Assembly Process

By terminating the ultra-fine coaxial cable with connectors, it is possible to create small and flexible assemblies of ultra-fine coaxial cables with excellent electrical characteristics

High-Performance Electromagnetic Compatibility Shielding

By using I-PEX’s EMC shielded connectors (ZenShield®), ultra-fine coaxial cable assemblies can provide significant electromagnetic interference mitigation. Therefore, ultra-fine coaxial cable assemblies with ZenShield® connector series are commonly used in high-performance electronic devices equipped with wireless communication capabilities, which require addressing EMC issues within the system.

Product Assembly Process with High Flexibility Advantage

The flexible cable characteristics of the ultra-fine coaxial cable assembly allow it to be used in various application scenarios, such as situations where the cable needs to pass through rotating components or in narrow and complex structures that make wiring challenging during assembly

Suitable Application Examples

The benefits and advantages of ultra-fine coaxial cable assemblies lie in their capabilities for mechanical and signal transmission. These components can handle high data rates while providing a high degree of flexibility and shielding performance.

Below are application examples that demonstrate the flexibility of ultra-fine coaxial cable assemblies

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