Introduction and Applications of ERNI ERmet ZD Series Connectors

7 月 26, 2023 CONNECTOR

Demanding applications with high data transmission rates can be realized with connectors from the ERmet ZD family. The connectors have a robust design and thanks to the identical connector face are compatible within the ERmet ZD family. The ERmet ZDplus and ZDpro connectors present an expansion of the connector family and allow data rates from 20 or 25 Gbit/s. This makes an optimum product available for every performance class.

ERmet ZD connectors are intended for the differential high-speed signal transmission in telecommunication applications. The modular and robust connector system is also suitable for using together with the connector family ERmet 2.0 mm HM. The ERmet ZDplus and ZDpro products expand performance and can be used for data rates of up to 20 or more than 25 Gbit/s. Thanks to their outstanding signal transmission properties, ERmet ZDpro connectors meet the requirements for the 100G-ATCA standard.

In addition to data communication and telecommunication applications such as Blade Server, router or switches, ERNI ERmet ZD connectors find usage in devices and applications in many branches.

ERmet ZD connectors present ideal connection solutions for applications of telecommunication and data communication. The connectors are robust, offer high data transmission rates and, thanks to the modular design, can be very flexibly configured and used.  

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