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7 月 27, 2023 CONNECTOR

In 2019, 5G communication began commercial deployment globally. So, what led us to have made such a revolutionary transformation in the field of communication? The smooth realization of 5G communication is inseparable from 5G chip manufacturers, OEM manufacturers, communication agreement standard formulation agencies, and many companies. 5G communication has gone from scientific research to formal commercial use. Along the way, I also experienced many failures, and finally successfully achieved commercial use, so as to change the world.

The connector is usually an electronic component that is easily overlooked. The connector does not play the core function like the LTE or WiFi transceiver, but it is indeed an important basic component. The connector assumes the signal transmission function. In this process, the minimum implementation of the attenuation and distortion in transmission is our ideal.

From the Wi-Fi, which is ubiquitous in the Moson password and telegram, to the honeycomb communication, and the ubiquitous Wi-Fi in our daily life, the connector plays a very important role in communication. In recent years, the connectors in the consumer electronics field have always focused on a theme such as miniaturization, trying to solve complexity and various problems.

Among the connector products developed by I-PEX, from the MHF®i to the MHF®5 series of microbenic coaxial connectors, from the perspective of size, the area and chimeric height have steadily decreased. Features, such as: Bobby and insertion losses have improved to some extent. However, with the requirements of new technologies for connectors, this model has become unreasonable. 5G communication requires us to do more than before.

At the same time of 5G communication requirements, the connector needs to improve the S parameter (resident wave ratio and insertion loss), and it is also necessary to increase the shielding effect of the connector and wiring beam in the chimeric state. Only in this way can we reduce electromagnetic interference and improve the electromagnetic compatibility performance of the whole machine.

The II-PEX company is a pioneer for developing and producing 5G millimeter waves and Sub 6GHz with coaxial types and board-to-board connectors. The product has also been applied to early 5G communication devices. These devices include: smartphones, laptops, mobile hotspots, AR/VR, and wireless access devices in fixed positions.

Novastack® 35-HDN connector

The NOVASTACK 35-HDN series connector is the best choice for electronic products with high space restrictions such as smartphones and hotspots, which can transmit a 15GHz band of the mid-frequency IF from millimeter wave frequency. The product spacing is 0.35mm and a chimeric height of 0.7mm is a super small design, which enables R & D engineers to flexibly cloth and maximize the use of space. The application of patented technology-360-degree shielding can cut electromagnetic interference to the greatest extent after the connector is chimp. Due to the restrictions of the overall space, such as smartphones, mobile hotspots, miniaturization and excellent shielding, are a huge challenge for R & D engineers.

MHF® 7s connector

The MHF 7S series polar shaft connector reflects the huge breakthrough of stamping technology in the production of miniaturized connectors. The MHF 7S series connectors redefine the boundary line that can be done, and is in the leading position of anti -electromagnetic interference. Revolutionary design can eliminate the main sources of electromagnetic interference. As electronic products are full of numerous radio frequency signals, this design can effectively reduce interference, thereby helping manufacturers can successfully pass electromagnetic radiation testing. In addition to reducing electromagnetic interference, the MHF 7S series connector is 1.5mAX at 15GHz, the packaging size is 2.0mmX2.0mm, and the chimeric height is 1.4mm. This connector is superior to the electromagnetic interference performance. It is an ideal choice for the ground frequency band (15GHz) transmission equipment, including: small base stations, laptops, wireless access devices, CPE, etc.

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