What is 5G?

7 月 30, 2023 CONNECTOR

The standard of the mobile communication system is changed every 10 years, and the 5th generation standard is 5G (the 5th generation mobile communication system). 5G has more functions than 4G, which will help to realize the Internet of Things, all of which can be connected through the Internet。

5G requirements

According to the “IMT VISION (M.2083)” published by ITU (ITU), it is recommended that the enhanced mobile broadband, super reliable, low -delayed communication, and large -scale machine -type communications will be enhanced as a typical use scenario of 5G.

1. Enhanced mobile broadband

The final requirement of 5G is that the maximum communication speed of the downlink link is about 20 GBPS, and the maximum communication speed of the uplink link is about 10 GBPS. The maximum communication speed of 4G is about 1Gbps, and hundreds of Mbps, so the standard communication speed of 5G is 10 times that of 4G.

2. Ultra -reliable low delay communication (MEC: Multi -access edge computing technology)

According to 5G requirements, the transmission delay is about 1 millisecond. This is expected to decrease by about 1/10 than the 4G transmission delay.

3. Massive machine type communication

With 5G, it is expected that about 1,000,000 terminals can be connected at the same time at the same time. 4G can connect about 100,000 terminals at the same time at the same time, so compared with 4G, 5G can connect about 10 times at the same time.

5G frequency (carrier)

In order to help enhance the mobile broadband as one of the 5G features, the broadband band must be ensured. Therefore, the focus is on the high frequency band called MMWave, which is different from the low -frequency band used in 4G so far.


The frequency band has been used from 0.41 GHz ~ 7.125 GHz, and it has been used before 4G.

2.mmwave (less than 1cm)

24.25 GHz ~ 52.60 GHz’s high frequency band will be used as a new application in 5G.

With the emergence of 5G, the frequency used in mobile communication has changed significantly. 5G connectors not only need to support the current SUB6 frequency band, but also to support MMWAVE. The excellent transmission characteristics and excellent shielding performance are indispensable. A good shielding design helps reduce EMI and improve the overall EMC performance of the device.

I-PEX supports extensive 5G products, such as smartphones, laptops, mobile hotspots, XR devices and CPEs, with RF connectors and board panel connectors that support 5G use in 5G and SUB6 frequency bands.

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