I-PEX EVAFLEX® 5/0.5mm Pitch FPC/FFC with ground PIN, high temperature resistant connector

7 月 31, 2023 CONNECTOR

One of the easiest connectors to handle in many of our I-PEX connector series is the FPC / FFC connector. The EVAFLEX® 5-SE-G VT and EVAFLEX® 5-SE-G HT connectors (VT = Vertical Type, HT = Horizontal Type) feature:

●Auto-locking mechanism

●Applicable for high temperature environments

●Compatible with common FPC/FFC connectors

●Grounding function, shielded FPC/FFC applicable

1.Automatic Locking Design – Ideal Choice for Manual or Robotic Assembly After being installed on the PCB, achieving a one-step mating by inserting and locking the FPC/FFC connector, which enhances usability, productivity, and contributes to factory automation.

 (When removing the FFC/FPC connector, simply press the lock button for easy single-handed operation.)

The mechanical lock securely latches onto the recess of the FPC/FFC reinforcement plate, allowing for vibration and wiring, aiding in achieving a strong connection.

When the connector is locked, real-time tactile feedback through a clicking sound reduces instances of improper mating.

Unlike traditional FPC/FFC connectors, this connector does not require opening and closing of a piano hinge during use, thereby improving assembly efficiency and reducing the risk of lock damage.

Furthermore, due to the soaring labor costs, labor shortages, reduction in assembly costs, and decrease in defect risks, manufacturing automation will accelerate. Meanwhile, the operation of robotically inserting connectors is also increasingly expanding. I-PEX has developed a fixture capable of grasping cables for robots, continuing its efforts towards automation.

2.125 ° C heat resistance, impact resistance and vibration-test evaluation under strict environmental conditions of various vehicle equipment

Evaluate under strict test conditions, such as temperature cycle test, heat test, vibration test and impact test.

3. GM -designed FPC/FFC -it can help improve the design and assembly of the end of the board

These connectors have a general design that allows selection horizontal or vertical chimeric directions in common FPC/FFC design. Because the chimeric direction can be changed without changing the FPC/FFC, the module can be applied to a wider range of equipment.

 4. Grounding function, you can choose shielded FPC/FFC

To achieve stable signal transmission by grounding function, shielding FPC/FFC can prevent electromagnetic interference of other components and equipment.

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