Introduction and Applications of ERNI MaxiBridge Series Connectors

8 月 1, 2023 CONNECTOR

The MaxiBridge connector system is a single- and double-row cable connector system with a pitch of 2.54 millimeters. It has a high current rating of up to 12 A per contact and is ideal for space-saving, highly stressed connections.

ERNI offers MaxiBridge connectors with two to twenty contacts for numerous applications. MaxiBridge connectors allow reliable connections between printed circuit boards and decentralized functional units.

Wherever space-saving, highly stressed connections have to be implemented, ERNI MaxiBridge connectors offer suitable solutions. One of the most important areas of application is the automotive industry. MaxiBridge connectors can be found, for example, in headlight systems where high temperature resistance and current carrying capacity are required.

ERNI’s practical and powerful connector systems are also used in battery management systems and the power electronics of modern electric and hybrid vehicles. Other possible applications include air conditioning and ventilation systems, steering systems, seat adjusters and belt tensioners.

In addition to the automotive industry, industrial automation offers a wide range of applications. Sensors, actuators and controls can be networked via the connectors. Furthermore, MaxiBridge connectors are used in analysis and diagnostic equipment, robotics and electrical display boards. They are also suitable for coupling drive controls and drives.

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