Introduction and Applications of ERNI MicroCon Series Products: Miniaturized Dual-row Low-Pin Count Connectors

8 月 2, 2023 CONNECTOR

As an innovation leader, ERNI continues the success story of compact and robust SMD connectors with the MicroCon series. These are miniaturized double-row Finepitch connectors with a grid dimension of 0.8 millimeters and available with different numbers of poles from 12 to 100.

They are predestined for demanding industrial applications and make no compromises when it comes to robustness and reliability. The Blind-Mate pre-centering with increased catch range ensures secure plugging, while the reinforced outer walls of the multipole connector allow a high degree of robustness.

Industrial automation is one of the most important areas of application for MicroCon connectors. The various versions of the connector system ensure reliable, fail-safe connections in drive technology (drive control, frequency inverter, servo inverter), programmable logic controllers (PLC) as well as in robotics and sensor technology.

For intelligent networking in industry 4.0, MicroCon connectors provide broadband connections with high signal integrity for fast exchange of large data volumes. Printed circuit boards can be coplanar, stacked or orthogonal coupled with the connector system. High resistance to shock, vibration and heat enables the products to be used under the sometimes extreme conditions of industry.

Further applications for this compact, high-performance connector system can be found in metrology, medicine, the automotive industry, aviation industry, consumer electronics, telecommunications, military technology and lighting technology.

Our MicroCon connectors are characterized by extremely compact designs and high performance. They work reliably and are very robust.

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