I-PEX ZENSHIELD® connector transmission MIPI’s camera module signal

8 月 3, 2023 CONNECTOR

The era of epidemic greatly changed people’s lifestyle. With more and more people at home, there are more and more opportunities for online meetings and talks. Therefore, people have also changed dramatically for the performance of electronic equipment.

In particular, many of the latest laptops have enhanced the camera function to meet such needs, and more and more are equipped with high -definition cameras and infrared cameras for facial recognition.

The signal transmission from the camera module to the motherboard generally uses USB, but with the improvement of the camera resolution, many cases have been used to use the MIPI CSI-2 D-PHY, and its communication speed is faster than USB. In the past, the MIPI signal that needed to output the camera image sensor was converted into a USB signal inside the camera module for transmission.

MIPI CSI-2 D-PHY V2.1 supports the transmission speed of up to 4.5 Gbps per channel, which is much faster than the traditional USB 2.0. Traditional USB 2.0 supports up to 480 Mbps per channel. However, in the laptop and tablet, various electronic components are densely installed, and the antenna is often installed nearby. The MIPI signal (including the D-Phy system clock signal line) may adversely affect the antenna. Therefore, EMC measures are very effective for preventing signal interference between them.

  1. PEX Zensheild® connector series can provide excellent EMC countermeasures. The 360 -degree EMC shielding design can not only prevent electromagnetic noise radiation from the contact point of the public and female seats, but also prevent electromagnetic noise radiation from the board installation part (SMT position) from the signal terminal. In addition, when the connector is embedded to correct the correct ground to the circuit board, the mask and the mother seat shielding layer is correctly connected to connect at multiple points. This ensures that the current generated in the metal shielding layer of the connector has sufficient grounding path. This can inhibit electromagnetic noise from its shielding layer.

Design of ZenSheild® connector series

1. The entire connector is covered with 360 ° shielding, used for public seats and mother seats -not only the contact part of the signal terminal, but also the board installation part (SMT position).

2. The shielding interface between the public seat and the mother seat is effectively connected on multiple points.

3. In addition, multiple points of the interface of the connector shielded to the board are correctly grounded on the board, thereby improving the ground return path.

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