MHF® LK Series /Extreme RF Coaxial Connector

8 月 4, 2023 CONNECTOR

MHF® small radio frequency coaxial coaxial connector series has an LK type and has a lock function. Its patented mechanical locking characteristics have greatly improved the maintenance of the public seat compared with similar small radio frequency coaxial connectors in the market. 

The MHF® I connector is an ordinary small radio frequency coaxial connector. There is no function of the mechanical locks that are not added. Compared with it, the initial public seat of the MHF® I LK of the mechanical lock is maintained. Two times. In addition, after 30 times without mechanical locks and 30 times, the MHF® I LK public seat is 30 times. This high maintenance allows MHF® I LK to ensure that high signal connection reliability can still be ensured even under the continuous impact and vibration of road conditions.

Hyochotherapy is helpful to improve the assembly efficiency on the production line. Because the operating process of additional bundles or adhesives is reduced, it helps reduce product manufacturing costs to ensure that the connector maintains the state of church on the production line. It also reduces the operation process for fixed connectors during maintenance or inspection.

Check the lock/unlock method and lock status

In addition, this connector’s simple and easy -to -understand one -step lock and unlock mechanism (sliding through the lock) and “check window” function can intuitively check the lock state and improve the reliability of the lock at operation.

With the development of communication technologies such as the Internet of Things and 5G, the digital and networked of the automotive market will continue to grow. The further development of an integrated intelligent cockpit equipped with wireless communication functions and the car host head is increasingly frequent.

As an ideal product for such wireless communication devices, the MHF®I LK connector can ensure a stable connection. The MHF®i LK connector has won a wide range of praise from the customer’s production line supplier quality engineer.

MHF® connector series with locking function

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