Performance of connectors

8 月 6, 2023 CONNECTOR

Connectors have three fundamental performance categories: mechanical performance, electrical performance, and environmental performance. The emphasis on connector performance varies across different fields.

Mechanical performance refers to the ability of a connector to function properly under various mechanical forces. Important mechanical performance factors of connectors include insertion force and withdrawal force. Insertion force refers to the force required for insertion, while withdrawal force refers to the force required for extraction. Mechanical lifespan refers to the durability of the connector and is determined by whether the connector can maintain its functionality after a specified number of insertion and withdrawal cycles.

Electrical performance refers to the ability of a connector to maintain its proper functionality under different current and voltage conditions. It mainly includes contact resistance, insulation resistance, withstand voltage, and electromagnetic interference shielding effectiveness. Other electrical indicators for connectors such as RF coaxial connectors include characteristic impedance, insertion loss, reflection coefficient, and voltage standing wave ratio. For high-speed signal connectors, new electrical indicators such as crosstalk, transmission delay, and time delay have emerged.

Environmental performance refers to the ability of a connector to operate normally in various environmental conditions. Common environmental performance factors include temperature resistance, humidity resistance, salt spray resistance, vibration resistance, and shock resistance. Other environmental performance factors include sealing capability, resistance to liquid immersion, and low-pressure resistance.

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