SAMTEC and its connector products are introduced

8 月 19, 2023 CONNECTOR

Samtec is a global electronic connector manufacturer headquartered in the United States. Founded in 1976, it had global sales of $822 million in 2019 and about $160 million in China. With six factories in the world, located in the United States, Panama, Malaysia, Singapore and Huizhou, China, SAMTEC has always been known for its fast delivery, so it has a reputation in the industry “SUNDDEN-SERVICE”, that is, lightning service. As a technology leader in the electronic connector industry, Samtec has been adhering to the Sudden Service concept to provide excellent service, high-quality products and convenient design tools worldwide, including high-speed board to board, high-speed cable components, micro-pitch/durable, flexible board to board stacking, optical modules, precision RF and other interconnection products. With more than 40 sales/service offices around the world, the products are widely used in more than 125 countries and regions in the industrial, data communication, computer, semiconductor, instrumentation, aerospace, medical, automotive electronics, consumer and other fields.

Samtec is divided into nine main categories: High-speed high-density board-to-board connectors, high-speed slot connectors, small-pitch high-reliability connectors, standard height adjustable connectors, reliable power connectors, high-speed cable cables, IDC& DISCRETE cable cables, active optical jumpers and high-speed I/O and waterproof connectors, Especially for board end connectors (the top five are all), the market share is in the top ten of all connector brands.

Main advantages of the product:

1, high speed, speed single pin can reach 28Gbps+;

2, reliable, multi-point contact, locking design;

3, flexible and diverse, even in the standard products there are a variety of optional parameters to meet the different needs of customers, but also accept customer products;

4, better service, each product in the design of mechanical, electrical and environmental testing, to ensure product quality, can be provided to customers as recognized materials, at the same time, Samtec also provides various software versions of PCB latout, Customers only need to copy the layout of the connector to their total PCB layout, and do not need to spend too much time for this;

5, can provide free samples, this is very important for developers;

6,Compared with foreign brands, the delivery time is short, normally 4-6 weeks, and the sample can arrive within a week. Market: samtec’s products occupy the top several positions in instrumentation and the top ten positions in the medical industry. Besides, samtec’s products have more advantages in the communication industry, especially in some large data storage equipment requiring high-speed transmission.


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