Samtec High-Speed Board-to-Board Interconnect connectors

8 月 19, 2023 CONNECTOR

Samtec offers the largest variety of high-speed board-to-board connectors in the industry. Samtec’s High-Speed Board-to-Board Solutionator® provides users with mated connector sets in seconds. The UltraSOM uses several Samtec solutions to attach the SoM to a customer-design carrier card.

UltraSOM routes up to 220 GPIOs from the SoC to the connector. Samtec Edge Rate® rugged high cycle connectors feature contact systems optimized for SI. The smooth, milled surface reduces wear and tear while lowering insertion and withdrawal forces.

UltraSOM comes in two different options. The UltraSOM A variant targets applications using Artix UltraScale+ devices supporting between 96-308k logic cells. Similarly, the UltraSOM K variant targets applications using Kintex UltraScale+ devices supporting between 356-475k logic cells.

Key highlights of the UltraSOMs include:

●System on Module for development and series products

●World’s only SOM board for 4 types of Artix UltraScale+ and 2 types of Kintex UltraScale+ FPGAs.

●World’s only SOM board for low-cost PCIe 4.0 solutions with AMD FPGAs

●Mutiple High-Speed Gigabit Transceivers

UltraSOM A: 12x XCVRs up to 16 Gbps

UltraSOM K: 16x XCVRs up to 32 Gbps

PCI Express® support

●2500 Mbit/s MIPI Support

●DDR4 RAM 2400 Mbit/s onboard

●2x 128 Mbit SPI-Flash onboard (config and general purpose)

●up to 220 GPIOs (max. 148 HP, 64 HD, 8 Pmod IOs)

●small SOM board size (80 mm x 50 mm)

●Design support including schematics, PCBs layouts, IP cores and more

UltraSOM also features several high-speed multigigabit transceivers, so a higher performance solution is needed. That’s where the AcceleRate® HP High-Performance Arrays come in. The dense 0.635 mm pitch and configurable open-pin-field design support 112 Gbps PAM4 performance.


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