A New Angle On Power/Signal High-Density Arrays

8 月 20, 2023 CONNECTOR

Angles surround us every day – physical angles like the corner over there, and angles of perspective. Samtec’s new AcceleRate® mP high-density power/signal interconnect system was born out of a different perspective on power integrity and a 90 degree rotation.

Best in class density for a power/signal interconnect system, AcceleRate® mP achieves up to 240 I/Os in .438 sq. inches. It also packs a punch with up to 22 Amps per power blade and 56 Gbps signal performance.

SRotated Power Blades

AcceleRate® mP features power blades rotated 90 degrees, giving equal access to heat escape for uniform cooling and increased current capacity up to 20% compared to similar blade style pins. The breakout region (BOR) is also simplified, as this connector system is designed to maximize current capabilities and minimize distribution resistance in the same form factor, ultimately reducing current crowding.

Design Flexibility

This high-density, multi row design is open-pin-field for grounding and routing flexibility – up to 240 signal pins in 6 rows and 4 or 8 total power blades in a low 5 mm stack height. Additional signal and power blade counts, plus stack heights up to 16 mm, are in development to accommodate a wider range of applications. Optional 10 µ” or 30 µ” gold plating on contacts with matte tin tail is available to meet specific regulations.

Ruggedizing features for AcceleRate® mP include alignment pins and through-hole weld tabs for a secure connection to the board. For assistance with blind mating, polarized guide posts are part of the standard connector body.

For more about power and signal integrity regarding AcceleRate® mP, check out this post.

AcceleRate® Family of Products

AcceleRate® mP is part of a quickly growing family of extreme density and extreme performance interconnects packaged in small form factors. Click here to learn more about other AcceleRate® products such as Flyover® cable assemblies, and other high-density board level connectors.


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