Microwave, mmWave Connector Systems Achieve Excellent Performance

8 月 23, 2023 CONNECTOR

Magnum RF™ Ganged SMPM – mmWave

The first demo board highlights the board-to-board capabilities of our Magnum RF™ product line. Magnum RF is a multiport solution that incorporates an SMPM interface into a single housing allowing for density not possible with individual SMPM connectors.

Specifically, we see a Samtec Magnum RF edge launch, mated in a perpendicular configuration with a vertical, solderless, compression mount GPPC series.

Looking at the measurement results, we see insertion loss plots with the raw data at a maximum of -4 dB. Looking at the VSWR, we see a stable connection with a maximum of 1.5 VSWR up to 40 GHz. We’re measuring the two-piece, perpendicular connector system and the two PCB traces, at about 1” each. 

Magnum RF™ Ganged Cable – mmWave

The second demo is a Magnum RF cable assembly system. In addition to improved density, this ganged cable assembly provides a more secure connection to the mating connector with the housing, preventing any external forces from reaching the individual SMPM positions.  

This consists of a Magnum RF edge launch connector and a GC47 cable assembly.  Again, Magnum RF is ganged SMPM connectors. This is ideal when space is limited and a high operating frequency is required. 

Looking at the measurement parameters of the edge launch connector and .047 low loss mmWave cable assembly, the IL is under -5 dB at 40 GHz, and the VSWR is about 1.4.

2.40 Solderless, Compression Mount Edge Launch

Next, we have two solderless, compression mount 2.40 mm edge launch connectors, on the same PCB, connected by a 2” trace. Compression, edge launch connectors are the answer when the best VSWR is required for your application. 

For the full transmission line we’re looking at a maximum insertion loss of -6 dB at 50 GHz. The VSWR remains at 1.2 to 50 GHz.

2.92 Solderless, Compression Mount Edge Launch

And finally, in the same configuration, we have two solderless, compression mount 2.92 mm edge launch connectors, with 2” of trace. 

Once again, we see strong results: the insertion loss to 40 GHz, for the full channel, is less than -4 dB, and the VSWR is a maximum of 1.3, to 40 GHz.

Also, the orange cables used in this demonstration are Samtec’s new line of next-generation phase stable microwave coax. They provide improved stability and flexure over time, compared to typical coax cables. We’ll be telling you more about these orange cables soon. 


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