Introduction and Applications of ERNI MicroSpeed Power Module Series Connectors

8 月 29, 2023 CONNECTOR

MicroSpeed Power is a 5-pin connector system with a contact pitch of 2.0 millimeters. The connector system is the complementary power component to the signal connectors of the MicroSpeed series. Its unique property is its high current carrying capacity, despite its small dimensions. MicroSpeed Power modules are ideal for providing the power supply to high-performing, compact elements such as processors, LCD displays or drives, like those used in automation, measurement technology, medical technology, or information technology. Thanks to a broad range of different types and many different heights of male and female connectors, developers have excellent flexibility when arranging circuit boards. Stack heights of five to 20 millimeters are possible. MicroSpeed Power connectors can be finished fully automatically.

Connectors from the MicroSpeed Power module series are ideal for applications where compact, high-performing elements need to be supplied reliably with electrical energy. They are used, for example, to supply energy to processors, drives or LCD displays in automation, telecommunication, measurement technology and medical technology applications. The integrated 3-point female contact ensures low contact resistance and secure contacting throughout the entire life cycle of the connector.

As complementary power components, and as an optimal addition to signal plugs in the MicroSpeed series, MicroSpeed Power module connectors are ideal for use in industrial automation. Thanks to their excellent durability and reliability, they help guarantee seamless processes in production, finishing and logistics. The connectors help ensure the reliable operation of control and drive technology under difficult industrial conditions, including when exposed to high levels of shock or vibrations. Typical applications include providing a power supply to DCS and PLC controllers for plant and process automation. While the signal connectors in this connector series ensure high-quality signal transmission at high data rates, the Power modules deliver the electrical power needed for components such as processors, sensors, actuators or drives, despite their small dimensions. The developers of the device offer a broad range of different connector types with male and female contacts of different heights. These allow for many different circuit board arrangements. Good contact coverage is ensured, even with the smallest board-to-board spacing. The SMT components fulfill all the requirements of modern, fully-automated assembly machines in manufacturing. Thanks to one hundred percent mechanical testing, operators can achieve perfect soldering results, resulting in highly reliable industrial automation systems.

ERNI connectors from the MicroSpeed Power module series offer power supply solutions for high-performing electronic components in industrial automation, telecommunication technology and other applications. They are reliable, and stand out for their excellent current carrying capacity.


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