Introduction and Applications of ERNI MicroSpeed Series Connectors

8 月 29, 2023 CONNECTOR

The MicroSpeed connector system is a guarantee for high data transmission rates. Thanks to outstanding signal integrity, data rates up to 25 Gbit/s can be realized. The space-saving, interference-proof connectors are maximally electromagnetically compatible and safe. Typical application areas can be found in industrial automation. For Internet of Things and Industry 4.0  MicroSpeed connectors are ideal. Furthermore  they are generally suitable for data- and telecommunication and high-end computing. Despite miniaturized shape, the connectors have proven reliability and a high degree of robustness.

MicroSpeed connectors are tailor-made for use in information and telecommunication technology. They are also especially suitable for use in industrial automation. Their high resilience and safety guarantees smooth flow in all areas of production, processing and logistics and provides there a decisive contribution to control and drive technology. The MicroSpeed connector system especially shows its strengths in the transmission of large data volumes between controller and IO modules.

The robust design of the connectors with double-shanked spring contacts and high reliability under harsh ambient conditions make them well suited for industrial use. They can be used for factory and process automation or PLC and DCS controls.

MicroSpeed connectors reach high data rates and have small space requirements. They can be used everywhere high signal integrity and speed are required.


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