Introduction and Applications of ERNI SMC Series Connectors

9 月 1, 2023 CONNECTOR

SMC connectors (Small Multiple Connector) have a grid of 1.27 millimeters and are available with pin counts of 12 to 80. Reliable and compact connections can be made with them. Various shapes, such as straight or angled male and female terminal strips, enable different mating configurations. The combination of different height male and female terminal strips results in diverse board-to-board spacing. The SMC connector also supports wire-to-board solutions.

The SMC connectors offer ideal solutions everywhere small grid and high performance are required. The outstanding signal integrity and a relatively high current rating include an enormous variety of application possibilities.

Since SMC connectors work reliably under adverse conditions and are very robust, they are especially suitable for instrumentation and industrial applications. Areas of application of these safe, outstandingly processed elements are factory and process automation, industrial robots, switches or PLC controls and modular control systems for communication between controller and I/O modules use.

SMC connectors have a high contact density with low space requirements. They are suitable for  board-to-board or board-to-wire solutions. Via the connectors both high currents and high-frequency electrical signals can be transmitted.


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