Very fine coaxial line plate connector

9 月 1, 2023 CONNECTOR

0.4 mm spacing, horizontal plug -in models with fine coaxial connector, with EMC shielding cover and mechanical lock

Product Size

Can provide PIN numbers and product size

Mechanical lock

Mechanical locks prevent the connector from falling off

High -performance EMC shielding design

I-PEX has developed a connector series that solves the problem of electromagnetic noise in the connector. It has a suitable ground structure and coverage layer, including the installation position of the signal terminal with metal shielding (Zenshield®) Essence This solution is widely adopted by many customers to prevent electromagnetic interference, especially on high-performance devices equipped with Wi-Fi, GPS, LTE and other wireless communication functions.

The 360 -degree EMC shielding design can not only prevent electromagnetic noise radiation from the contact point of the public and mother seats, but also prevent electromagnetic noise radiation from the lineboard installation part (SMT position) from the signal terminal. In addition, when the connector is cocks and correctly ground to the line board, the public seat and the mother seat shielding cover is correctly connected to multi -point ground. This ensures that the current generated in the metal shield of the connector has sufficient ground return path. This is to suppress the electromagnetic noise of the shielding layer.

►The entire connector is blocked by 360 degrees, including the public seat and the mother seat

►The shielding cover between the public seat and the mother seat-the shielding interface, effectively connect to multiple points。

►The interface of the connecter shield-line board is effectively grounded at multiple points, thereby improving the ground return path.

With these design characteristics, the connector itself provides a significant EMI relief. Zenshield® provides engineers with greater flexibility to design lineboards. It makes the connector closer to the sensitive subsystem, such as launch/receiving antenna, which is a common high -performance wireless communication system.


Automatic manufacturing and inspection process

Combine the type options

  1. PEX has a horizontal and vertical plug-in connecter series, which can choose the appropriate chimeric direction according to different applications and design conditions. For example, when a narrow -type connector is required on the board, a horizontally inserted and unplug connector can be used; when high -density installation is required in the middle of the board, vertical insertion conjunction can be used.

►0.4 mm spacing, extremely fine coaxial connector with EMC shielding and mechanical lock

Horizontal plug-in: Cabline®-CA II

Vertical insertion: Cabline®-UM


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