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9 月 2, 2023 CONNECTOR

There are many types of connectors, so when developing new equipment, you need to find and choose the most suitable connector. The following introduces the relevant characteristics of different insertions for small connectors used inside the electronic device.

When the cable, FFC or FPC connect the signal of the PCB board to another board, a connector is close to the surface of the board vertically. The connector near the end of the plate is called a horizontal plug -in withdrawal.

●The orientation of the connector church

In the case of the connector mother seat installed on the board and using the public seat for chimeric, the vertical insertion and unplugged connector’s entrance is facing up. This enables the circuit board during the assembly of the circuit board, and it is easy to check and position the insertion position of the positioning and positioning through the downward way.

However, in the case of using the panel -to -board FPC connector, it may be difficult for operators to align the public seat to the correct inserted position to assemble it, because the FPC covers the entire public seat and blocks the clearly on the board on the board. The sight of the mother seat.

In this case, it is important to provide a guidance (calibration) function for the connector. It allows users to use the fingertips to find the correct insertion position, while gently sliding the FPC public seat to the parent seat.

●The installation position on the board and the gap between other components

For vertical inserted connections, the public seat is inserted from the mother seat near the board and inserted, so even if the connector is in the middle of the board, it is not difficult to insert the connector. In addition, due to the relatively narrowing area of the activity gap around the connector, other components can be installed around the connector. Therefore, in design, the vertical plug -in connector provides more flexibility than the horizontal plug -in type.

On the other hand, for the horizontally inserted connection, the opening of the parent seat is facing the side, so the public seat needs to move parallel to the surface of the board to cock with the parent seat. Therefore, it needs to be installed around the direction of the opening direction of the parent seat of the board to ensure that it will not be hindered during the insertion process.

In addition, if you install a low -height horizontal plug -in connector in the middle of the board, the assembly process may become difficult, because during the cooperation process, the fingers of the FPC / FFC or the public seat will touch the end of the board. When designing a circuit board, considering the assembly process is very necessary. For example, a low -height horizontal plug -in and unplugged connector is usually placed on the edge of the circuit board.

●The height and effective chimer of the connector

Due to the affected direction of the insertion direction, the effective humility and length are affected by the length of the vertical plug -in and unplugged connectors, that is, the height size of the connector. In portable high -performance devices, such as smartphones and tablets, components need to be installed in a narrow and limited space. In this kind of device, the meta -device is required to be small and small in shape, but when the height of the vertical plug -in connector is reduced, it may be difficult to maintain a sufficient effective chimeric length.

For horizontal plug -in connectors, the effective chimeric length is affected by the length of the horizontal direction of the surface of the end of the plate, that is, the depth size of the connector. Therefore, compared to the vertical plug -in connector, while maintaining the effective chimeric length, it is easier to consider reducing the height of the connector that is level -to -inserting.

●The chimeric maintenance of the low height connector

The short -to -effective chimeric length means that the tolerance range between the chimeric position terminal is higher. Therefore, there may be higher opportunities to lose contact between the terminals. For example, the device is suddenly dropped, and then the chimeric position is moved. One of the methods to improve contact reliability is to strengthen the chimeric retention between the public and the mother seat by locking mechanisms such as friction or mechanical lock.

In addition, another method of replenishing vertical insertion connectors is to add appropriate buffer materials above the connector. Therefore, when the product shell is attached, the buffer material properly press the connector properly and fix the connector chimeric position.

This method can be considered when developing small portable devices, for example, the possibility of falling when carrying small devices. (*But, please be careful not to put too much pressure on the connector, because this may cause damage.)

●Insertion effect

Since vertical insertion connectors are used to insert into the public seat to realize the chimeric, a highly inserted vertical insertion conjunction connector may apply excessive pressure to the board end during the chimeric process. Therefore, when the assembly is not suitable for the pressure of pressure, such as the board of the tablet integrated module, you may need to take some measures, such as choosing a vertical insertion and unloading connector with a lower plug -in power. , Or choose a horizontal insertion connector.

●Summary of the characteristics of vertical insertion/horizontal plug -in unplugged connector

Vertical insertion and unplugged connector

Compared with the horizontal plug -in connector, the required interval area around the connector is narrower, and it is more flexible when the design board.

Even if the connector is installed in the middle of the board, it will not have much impact on the insertion process.

While maintaining an effective chimeric length, it may be difficult to reduce the height of the connector.

When the assembly high insertion force connector, it may apply too much pressure on the end of the board.

Horizontal plug -in withdrawal connector

Due to the relatively wider gaps near the opening of the connector, there may be unusable space on the board.

In the case of low and small connectors, the chimeric of the connector installed in the middle of the board may become difficult.

Compared with the vertical insertion connector, while maintaining an effective chimeric length, it is relatively easy to reduce the height of the connector

The pressure applied on the board during the assembly process may be smaller than the connecter vertically inserted.


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