I-PEX Connectors for Automotive Industry

9 月 4, 2023 CONNECTOR

I-PEX offers a variety of connectors that are ideal for the automotive industry. Below are some use case examples for typical automotive applications such as IGBT, PCU and BMS/CMU.

What is IGBT?

IGBT is the insulation grid bipolar crystal tube

IGBT is a transistor in the power semiconductor device, which is mainly used as a semiconductor switch in the switch in the inverter circuit of the driving motor.

Using our unique IGBT module without solder PRESS FIT terminal ISFIT® can eliminate traditional welding processes. In addition, ISFIT helps to minimize the risk of damaged circuit boards, and improves assembly to operate by using lower insertion than traditional needle -eye terminals.

What is PCU?

PCU is the power control unit

It is used to receive signals from the vehicle and command the IGBT module for power control.

What is BMS?

BMS is a battery management system

What is CMU?

CMU is the battery management unit

This is used to measure and monitor the battery state. Lithium -ion batteries need to be strictly controlled -the system/device will turn off power transmission in any abnormal state.

The ISH® series is the best choice for these various car modules. I-PEX’s unique spring wiring terminals provide high-long long-term contact reliability. These connectors also have excellent high temperature resistance and vibration resistance, and provide a variety of extremes.


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