Universal Design Concepts of Connectors

9 月 4, 2023 CONNECTOR

I-PEX connector product series encompasses a range of connectors that employ a universal design concept with multiple connection options. For PCB module products that require versatility across various electronic devices, utilizing connectors with a universal design concept means having the flexibility to choose from multiple connection methods. As the available connection options for PCB modules increase, the target device market expands accordingly. I-PEX recommends the use of universal design connectors that support a wider range of connection methods, especially when developing highly versatile modules

Examples of Universal PCB Modules for Target Electronic Device Markets

For instance, the I-PEX VS connector (0.5mm pitch) series offers multiple connection options such as ultra-fine coaxial cable, FPC, or FFC, all with the same PCB board layout

In addition, the I-PEX VS connector series (0.5mm pitch) and CABLINE®-CA connector series (0.4mm pitch) can be respectively mounted on EMC shielded connectors (ZenShield®) with a shared footprint

Therefore, if there are EMC issues during product development, it is possible to compare the universal connectors and the full EMC shielded connectors (ZenShield®) by creating an evaluation board with a common footprint. This enables customers to validate the requirement for full EMC shielded connectors from the early stages of development

Additionally, these connectors offer cable and FPC connection options:

0.5mm pitch, horizontal plug-in style, cable/FPC connectors

0.35mm pitch, vertical plug-in style, ultra-fine coaxial cable / FPC connectors

Universal FPC / FFC Connectors

The I-PEX EVAFLEX® series of automatic locking FPC / FFC connectors also feature universal design connectors that allow for the selection of either horizontal or vertical mating orientations for common FPC / FFC designs. As the mating direction can be changed without altering the FPC / FFC, this module can be applied to a wider range of device applications


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