ERNI/Te | MicroCon series | 0.8mm board panel mezzanine genuine/alternative connector

ERNI/Te | MicroCon series | 0.8mm board panel mezzanine genuine/alternative connector

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Specializing in the production and sales of genuine/substitute connectors, cable products, as well as custom processing of injection-molded parts and stamped parts.

The dual-row Micro Con series wth 0.8mmpitchis ideal for various demanding applications in the in-dustrial, medical, lighting, automotive and consumer market.Due to the small dimensions-the 50-pin male connectors show dimensions of only 24.2mmx 4.7mm with different heights-robustness was cr uci-al during the development.The male connectors are provided with reinforced sidewalls.Secure mating is ensured by coding and blind-mate guide alignments,providing an increased locking range.A unique feature for this miniaturized device size is the double-sided spring contact.The reliable and high-quality spring contacts are based on a proven and patented princi-ple, in which ERNI Electronics has been continuously scaled down for smaller dimensions.To support vari-ous PCB applications parallel(Mezzanine),right angle(90°) and coplanar configurations are available.With different heights for the male and female connectors,Board-to-Board distances from 5mmto19mm can be realized for Mezzanine applications.Despite the miniaturization, the new connectors offer a high ma-ting tolerance with allowed misalignment tolerances of longitudinal and transverse axes of±0.7mm.The allowed angular inclination tolerance is specified with±4 degrees.The male connector is available with SMT termination.The robust plastic housing of the female connector withstands high temperature and is suitable for lead-free reflow soldering.Tape and reel packaging supports automatic assembly.

1.ERNI/TE | MicrosCon connector series | features:

Due to the different connec-to r heights,Board-to-Board distances from 5to19mm can be realized.

2.ERNI/TE | MicroCon connector series | advantages:


  • ultra-reliable,dual-beam female contact
  • rolled,homogeneous surface,guarantees secu-re contact mating
  • wide contact surfaces between the mated pairs
  • extremely low surface roughness minimizesabrasion
  • low contact resistance


  • mating face polarization prevents mis mating andincorrect connection
  • insertion chamfer sin the capture range ensuresecure mating
  • distinctive guide elements for precise insertion


  • outstanding retention forces on the circuit board
  • soldering brackets absorb mechanical stressand are able to withstand high shock and vibra-tion loads


  • integrated locking lever; can be manually relea-sed without tools
  • protection against accidental release of wire-to-board connections
  • cable guide ensures strain relief


  • geometrically heterogeneous locating pegs for precise positioning on the circuit board
  • enables best possible compensation of PCB holes for both positive and negative tolerances

3.ERNI/TE | MicroCon connector series | Model/material number details:

484618-E 484619-E 294003-E 294001-E 294142-E 294153-E
294141-E 294152-E 294151-E 294150-E 294138-E 294148-E
294149-E 294136-E 294133-E 294259-E 294257-E 294256-E
294254-E 294252-E 294251-E 294291-E 294290-E 294288-E
294287-E 294285-E 294283-E 294009-E 294032-E 294020-E
294008-E 294031-E 294029-E 294005-E 294017-E 294028-E
294027-E 294015-E 294139-E 294006-E 454928-E 454927-E
454926-E 454925-E

4.ERNI/TE | MicroCon connector series | Application field:

The most important application area of the MicroCon connector is industrial automation. Different specifications of insertion systems can ensure reliable and fault -proof connections in driver technology (driver controller, inverter, servo inverter), programmable logic controller (PLC), and robots and sensing devices.

The MicroCon connector provides high -signal reliability broadband connections for Industry 4.0 intelligent networking to quickly exchange high data volume. The circuit board can be connected to the common surface, stack or straight -angle plugging system. Thanks to high impact, vibration and high temperature, these products can be used under some extreme industrial conditions.

Other applications of high -performance compact plug -in system include measurement technology, medical, automotive industry, aviation industry, consumer electronics, telecommunications, military technology and lighting technology.


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