ERNI/TE| MicroSpeed series |1.0mm high-speed board-to-board dual-layer genuine/replacement connectors

ERNI/TE| MicroSpeed series |1.0mm high-speed board-to-board dual-layer genuine/replacement connectors


Specializing in the production and sales of genuine/substitute connectors, cable products, as well as custom processing of injection-molded parts and stamped parts.

ERNI’s MicroSpeed connector family is synonymous with fast data transmission, for high signal quality and for time-tested reliability in permanent application.

The shielded connector family with 1 mm pitch enables high-speed data applications with up to 25 Gbit/s. The connectors are excellent for next generation communication standards like Ethernet 100 Gbps (IEEE 802.3ba), Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF), USB 3.1, etc. Typical applications which will benefit from the new connectors are data communication and telecommunication, high-end computing, medical technology and industrial automation with high speed transmissions and high data volumes.

Electromagnetic compatibility can be significantly improved thanks to the optimized shield concept. The connectors have minimized electromagnetic radiation and very good resistance to interference.

The robust frame design with polarized mating face and the blind-mate features are decisive aspects for use in industrial environments. The dual-beam female contact provides safer and reliable connection in rough environments and provides a wipe length of 1.5 mm.

MicroSpeed connectors: moving data faster

1.ERNI/TE | MicroSpeed connector series | features:

2.ERNI/TE | MicroSpeed connector series | advantages:

Contact Design and Durability

  • High reliability due to dual-beam female contact design:

– twisted contact tulip (90°)

– homogeneous, rolled surface provides for more secure contact

– wide contact surface between mated pair

– low surface roughness minimizes abrasion

– low contact resistance

  • provides excellent misalignment tolerance/ tolerance compensation
  • wipe length 1.5 mm
  • durability: > 500 mating cycles
  • contact finish: Au plating
  • lubricated contacts helps to avoid fretting corrosion

Interface/Mating Face

  • shrouded housing protects contacts
  • high-temperature resistant materials
  • distinctive polarization avoids mismating
  • the capture range provides self-alignment and a high misalignment tolerance and inclination
  • low-profile narrow housing design provides airflow to promote system cooling

SMT/SMT and SMT/THR Termination

  • surface mount connectors (SMT contacts / SMT shielding)

– double sided board assembly

– 100% coplanarity of ≤0.1 mm leads to excellent soldering results

  • optional THR terminals on shielding (SMT contacts / THR shielding)

– THR shield terminals provide strong mechanical solder joint for demanding industrial applications

Backside Reflow Soldering

The MicroSpeed connectors meet high efficient board processing:

  • capable of backside reflow soldering vertical low profile male & female SMT versions

MicroFlex FPC

High-speed connections using multi-layer rigid-flexible boards, e.g.

  • two-layer FPC
  • high-speed data 25 Gbit/s
  • 20 differential pairs
  • 500 mm length
  • MicroSpeed open pin field array, 133 pin
  • test equipment for 100 Gig optical network transmission system

Pick & Place Pad

  • pick and place pad for vacuum pick-up nozzles provided for straight connectors
  • high-temperature plastic to resist reflow solder temperatures
  • right angled versions are commonly pickedup at the smooth shield surface

3.ERNI/TE | MicroSpeed connector series | Model/material number details:

524538-E 524534-E 524541-E 524533-E 524537-E 524948-E
524539-E 524536-E 524535-E 524542-E 524543-E 524949-E
374725-E 374721-E 374730-E 244692-E 374719-E 244676-E
394257-E 394256-E 374723-E 374732-E 474471-E 474191-E
474473-E 394931-E 454700-E 454701-E 394930-E 464137-E
474192-E 464136-E 464139-E 464138-E 484290-E 354186-E
354185-E 354184-E 354183-E 234753-E 214355-E 234098-E
214352-E 234097-E 224209-E 234752-E 224212-E 354188-E
354187-E 354182-E 254877-E 224562-E 224561-E 224560-E
224559-E 224558-E 224557-E 144681-E 144680-E 354181-E
354179-E 354177-E 354175-E 354180-E 354178-E 354176-E
254876-E 224517-E 224516-E 224515-E 224514-E 224513-E
224512-E 144663-E 144662-E 374722-E 284332-E 374720-E

4.ERNI/TE | MicroSpeed connector series | Application field:

MicroSpeed connectors are tailor-made for use in information and telecommunication technology. They are also especially suitable for use in industrial automation. Their high resilience and safety guarantees smooth flow in all areas of production, processing and logistics and provides there a decisive contribution to control and drive technology. The MicroSpeed connector system especially shows its strengths in the transmission of large data volumes between controller and IO modules.

The robust design of the connectors with double-shanked spring contacts and high reliability under harsh ambient conditions make them well suited for industrial use. They can be used for factory and process automation or PLC and DCS controls.

Product Sales Overview on the JunctionX Platform:

JunctionX specializes in the professional production, distribution, and sales of connectors/authentic substitute connectors, wire harnesses, cable products, and customized injection-molded parts, stamping parts. If you want to purchase or learn more about product solutions, please feel free to contact us through the following methods.



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