ERNI/Te | Microstac series | 0.8mm board panel mezzanine genuine/alternative connector

ERNI/Te | Microstac series | 0.8mm board panel mezzanine genuine/alternative connector

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Specializing in the production and sales of genuine/substitute connectors, cable products, as well as custom processing of injection-molded parts and stamped parts.

The MicroStac connector series features hermaphroditic mating design within a pitch of 0.8 mm. Connectors    and their mating connectors are identical. This reduces the bill of material and also storage and handling costs. Two contact points between mated contacts and the wipe length of up to 1.5 mm provide a high reliability.

The design calls for fast automatic Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assembly. MicroStac

connectors are available for Board-to-Board heights of 3 mm and 5 mm. Despite their small size,

MicroStac connector contacts offer large radiating surfaces to provide a high current rating.

1.ERNI/TE | Microstac connector series | features:

Wipe length

  • 5 mm board height: 1.5 mm
  • 3 mm board height: 0 mm

2.ERNI/TE | Microstac connector series | advantages:

Contact Design

  • no difference between male and female connector
  • contacts are based on a patented contact design; Patent-No.: DE 19 809 881; US 6,379,170
  • two contact points for compensation of tolerances

Easy Assembly

  • integrated pick and place surface for automatic assembly
  • pick and place surface will hinge away when mated the first time (2-row versions)

Locating Pegs

  • geometrically heterogeneous locating pegs for precise positioning on the circuit board
  • enables highly reliable compensation of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) holes for both positive and negative tolerances


  • tape and reel packaging for transport safe packaging and automatic assembly
  • automatic assembly and reflow soldering for   efficient processing on modern assembly lines

3.ERNI/TE | Microstac connector series | Model/material number details:

484438-E 254168-E 114711-E 354000-E 114713-E 284257-E
114712-E 354863-E 224920-E

4.ERNI/TE | Microstac connector series | Application field:

The focus segment of MicroStac connectors is industrial automation. The connectors offer ideal solutions everywhere that economical connections of mating modules with low connecting frequency are called for. Stacked PCBs of various board-to-board spacings can be implemented. The connectors are used, for example, in controls, in drives and in robotics.

Further application possibilities are industrial communication and networking. Tape and reel packaging and integrated suction surfaces ensure economical processing. They allow the fully automatic loading and processing in modern assembly lines with reflow soldering method. Thanks to their reliability and good current carrying capacity, the products are also suitable for demanding applications in measurement technology, medicine and data transmission.

Product Sales Overview on the JunctionX Platform:

JunctionX specializes in the professional production, distribution, and sales of connectors/authentic substitute connectors, wire harnesses, cable products, and customized injection-molded parts, stamping parts. If you want to purchase or learn more about product solutions, please feel free to contact us through the following methods.



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