ERNI/TE|DIN 41612/IEC-60603-2 Series|2.54mm Medical Communication Board-to-Board Genuine/Alternative Connectors

ERNI/TE|DIN 41612/IEC-60603-2 Series|2.54mm Medical Communication Board-to-Board Genuine/Alternative Connectors

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Specializing in the production and sales of genuine/substitute connectors, cable products, as well as custom processing of injection-molded parts and stamped parts.

The DIN 41612/IEC 60603-2 connector family consists of 13 basic sizes and many complementary versions.

It was developed for use in 19″rack systems in accordance with DIN 41494/IEC 60297.The large number of different sizes and the efficient connection techniques have made it possible to install these connectors for in extremely wide range of applications.

Typical areas of application:

  • Connection between plug-in card and back-panel wiring
  • Connection between two PCB’s arranged one above theother
  • Connection to peripheral equipment with connectorhousings as accessories
  • As periphery connectors for external interfaces from thewiring side

1.ERNI/TE | DIN 41612/IEC 60603-2 connector series | features:

  • Separable printed circuit board connectors
  • International approvals, such a sUL or CSA
  • 13 connector sizes with the same plug-in and mountingconditions
  • Additional connector sizes complementing theDIN 41612/IEC 60603-2suchashal for tripled sizes
  • Different coding systems available
  • Upto160 contacts per connector
  • Two to five row connectors possible
  • Various termination types available
  • 2.54mm(0.1″) basic pitch
  • Early mate/late break contacts available on request
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Complete interface system available
  • All female connectors mentioned in this datasheet havedual sided female contact spring.

This contact principle offers a in contacting and remaining contact resistence in extreme situations.

2.ERNI/TE | DIN 41612/IEC 60603-2 connector series | Electrical and Mechanical Characteristics:

3.ERNI/TE | DIN 41612/IEC 60603-2 connector series | Model/material number details:

294721-E 294722-E 294927-E 284262-E 284259-E 284260-E
284258-E 284264-E 244139-E 284190-E 354159-E 284325-E
284540-E 294863-E 254326-E 374279-E 384850-E 374390-E
374380-E 374385-E 384241-E 384265-E 384278-E 384275-E
254835-E 374546-E 384047-E 384063-E 384593-E 384599-E
384617-E 364914-E 364915-E 374545-E 384600-E 384046-E
374543-E 384209-E 384854-E 384209-E 384210-E 254324-E
384200-E 384576-E 384226-E 384227-E 254325-E 384671-E
384283-E 364918-E 384287-E 384307-E 384298-E 384299-E
384295-E 354868-E 364903-E 354871-E 354872-E 334203-E
374182-E 374144-E 374162-E 374169-E 374171-E 233232-E
233230-E 233235-E 233226-E 233233-E 413638-E 414575-E
413169-E 414574-E 374544-E 384659-E 384294-E 364891-E
254847-E 254846-E 284164-E 284650-E 284882-E 284166-E
284880-E 284165-E 284168-E 284893-E 284418-E 254370-E
234449-E 284971-E 254120-E 244268-E 244294-E 254117-E
204752-E 254015-E 224408-E 284134-E 244265-E 284082-E
284170-E 284979-E 224411-E 224471-E 223839-E 244301-E
224470-E 284991-E 254879-E 214836-E 284308-E 284984-E
244304-E 224472-E 284940-E 284986-E 254887-E 234647-E

4.ERNI/TE | DIN 41612/IEC 60603-2 connector series | Application field:

Connection of DIN 41612 / IEC-60603-2, also called VG terminal strips, are mainly designed for multi-pin electrical connections of PCBs in the low-voltage range. The connectors have pin counts up to 160 and are suitable for the connection of plug-in boards with the backplane of a 19-inch rack. Male and female terminal strips must be fastened by solder technology or pressfit technology onto the circuit board.

A wide range of variants of DIN 41612 / IEC-60603-2 connectors results in a huge application range. In measurement technology the connectors can be used in measurement systems or analysis and test devices.

The application range of our DIN 41612 / IEC-60603-2 connectors is extraordinarily large. Connectors can be made between stacked PCBs, between PCBs and backplanes or between cables and PCBs.

Product Sales Overview on the JunctionX Platform:

JunctionX specializes in the professional production, distribution, and sales of connectors/authentic substitute connectors, wire harnesses, cable products, and customized injection-molded parts, stamping parts. If you want to purchase or learn more about product solutions, please feel free to contact us through the following methods.



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