ERNI/TE|ERmet Hard Metric Series|2.0mm High-Transmission Backplane Genuine/Alternative Connectors

ERNI/TE|ERmet Hard Metric Series|2.0mm High-Transmission Backplane Genuine/Alternative Connectors

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Specializing in the production and sales of genuine/substitute connectors, cable products, as well as custom processing of injection-molded parts and stamped parts.

The ERmet2mmH.M.connector line from ERNI offersunparalleled performance and flexi bi ity for today’s high per-formance circuit designs.Since its introduction in 1993,this product line has expanded and now offers almost every module configuration possible in aboard to backplane interconnect system.Standard and reverse configurations are available including shielded vertical females,stacking designs, stamped power connectors.This connector system has now become the standard for board to backplane applications.

The ERmet2mmH.M.connector system has achieved widespread acceptance and popularity as the interconnect system chosen for Compact PCl.It is also widely used by OEMs serving the telecommunications and networking industry segments.It has achieved this unparalleled acceptance due to its high frequency per-formance, its wide selection of modular components and its cost-benefit ratio. This connector is supported by one of the industry’s mostcomprehensive international connector standards, IEC 61076-4-101.

Whether you are developing a new backplane,a high performance CPU or l/O card or integrating a sophisticated hybrid system,ERNI has anticipated your needs.The ERNI team stands ready to partner with you to develop the most efficient solution to your design challenge.

1.ERNI/TE | ERmet 2.0mm Hard Metric connector series | features:

  • Modular connectors with 2.0mm signal contact pitch forbackplanes and daughter cards.
  • High density board to backplane connector system.
  • Upto8signalrowsplustwo shield rows for optimum per-formance.
  • Three levels of sequential mating for front or rear hotswap applications.1.5mm increments.
  • 15 standard contacts available for any pin loading require-ment.
  • Complete line of complementary accessories to includestamped power connectors,color coded coding keys,atching shrouds,ground return shields,high frequency,and high power contacts.
  • Superior female connector contact design provides a uni-form signal path.
  • Comply to the international standard IEC 61076-4-101.
  • For networking,telecommunications,high performancecomputing and other demanding applications.

2.ERNI/TE | Microstac connector series | Model/material number details:

474278-E 923171-E 454361-E 354141-E 354142-E 104933-E
364297-E 364298-E 114809-E 134075-E 114529-E 374048-E
354866-E 454362-E 354143-E 454364-E 454365-E 354144-E
354145-E 354146-E 354147-E 354148-E 214444-E 214443-E
204975-E 454366-E 354865-E 374047-E 354149-E 354150-E
104086-E 104415-E 104935-E 933011-E 225010-E 114281-E
124118-E 225009-E 104087-E 104416-E 104417-E 933070-E
044579-E 044581-E 104088-E 923761-E 923762-E 923763-E
923764-E 923765-E 923766-E 923767-E 923828-E 923830-E
923829-E 923831-E 104702-E 114007-E 114009-E 114013-E
104112-E 114010-E 114014-E 104703-E 114021-E 104113-E
114018-E 114022-E 114113-E 114114-E 114113-E 114111-E
114133-E 124773-E 104704-E 114025-E 104114-E 114112-E
114028-E 114030-E 124094-E 124095-E 124096-E 124098-E
043136-E 043190-E 044148-E 053007-E 054528-E 064097-E
064688-E 103968-E 103975-E 923190-E 923342-E 223978-E
114236-E 114153-E 124334-E 114744-E 923578-E 123694-E
123693-E 123970-E 223208-E 053088-E 053008-E 043137-E
054392-E 914796-E 923131-E 923340-E 103670-E 914793-E
923132-E 923341-E 114144-E 224507-E 054546-E 044147-E
043138-E 053009-E 123701-E 144693-E 223990-E 223980-E
104517-E 104152-E 225013-E 114279-E 124335-E 225102-E
104153-E 933007-E 104519-E 104154-E 104146-E 225011-E
104147-E 114401-E 114402-E 114403-E 223531-E 923539-E
244997-E 254988-E 254963-E 254018-E 254020-E 254992-E
254995-E 254927-E 254016-E 114436-E 054795-E 054794-E
114482-E 114483-E 114484-E 114425-E 114426-E 054797-E
114488-E 114489-E 064493-E 064692-E 064622-E 064171-E
194560-E 114468-E 923825-E 104070-E 114039-E 114040-E

3.ERNI/TE | Microstac connector series | Application field:

Thanks to the performance characteristic and the high flexibility there is a broad field of application options for ERmet 2.0 mm HM connectors. The connector system enables almost every possible module configuration in a daughter board-backplane connection system. There are standard and inverted shapes and staple variants are available for this. Typical areas of application are data communication and telecommunication.

The ERmet program is also finding increasing usage in industrial computers (IPCs). The connectors can also be found in the CompactPCI standard. High acceptance of the connector system is due to the outstanding high-frequency performance and positive price-performance ratio.

Modular ERmet connectors with 2.0 mm signal contact spacing are ideally suited for the various mating configurations of backplanes and daughter cards. They allow hot-swap applications and also offer high-frequency and high performance contacts.

Product Sales Overview on the JunctionX Platform:

JunctionX specializes in the professional production, distribution, and sales of connectors/authentic substitute connectors, wire harnesses, cable products, and customized injection-molded parts, stamping parts. If you want to purchase or learn more about product solutions, please feel free to contact us through the following methods.



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