ERNI/TE|Modular Jacks Series|Ethernet RJ11/RJ45 Genuine/Alternative Connectors

ERNI/TE|Modular Jacks Series|Ethernet RJ11/RJ45 Genuine/Alternative Connectors

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Specializing in the production and sales of genuine/substitute connectors, cable products, as well as custom processing of injection-molded parts and stamped parts.

Modular socket connectors have been widely used for many years as a cornerstone of communication technology and the information industry. The main reason for this fact lies in the simplicity and reliability of these products. Whether integrated into simple telephone systems or in the realm of Gigabit Ethernet applications, modular jacks represent the standard for network connections, enabling high-bandwidth and fast, reliable connections.

Today’s electronic systems are becoming increasingly miniaturized while their performance requirements continue to rise. Consequently, the use of application products with internally integrated magnetic components is becoming more popular. Integrating magnetic elements (which would otherwise be discrete components on the circuit board) reduces susceptibility to interference and circuit board surface demands. Filter components are also integrated together without altering the dimensions of the socket housing.

1.ERNI/TE | Modular Jack connector Selection Guide:

2.ERNI/TE | Modular Jack connector series | Model/material number details:

133414-E 133420-E 133421-E 133513-E 133039-E 133051-E
133057-E 133041-E 133052-E 133054-E 133673-E 133053-E
133044-E 133027-E 133037-E 133080-E 203530-E 203532-E
203533-E 203534-E 203535-E 203536-E 203537-E 203538-E
203489-E 133623-E 133719-E 133268-E 133271-E 133288-E
133611-E 133602-E 133936-E 203422-E 203490-E 203495-E
133489-E 133147-E 133149-E 133150-E 133152-E 133155-E
133165-E 133167-E 133172-E 133208-E 133921-E 203492-E
133209-E 133496-E 133726-E 133919-E 133222-E 133215-E
133539-E 133920-E 133183-E 133184-E 133188-E 203512-E

3.ERNI/TE | Modular Jack connector series | Application field:

Our Modular Jack connectors offer flexible, modular solutions for many applications. Thanks to integrated transmitters, the space available on the PCB increases, since the contained components do not have to be taken into account in the PCB layout. Typical application areas are Ethernet networks and Industrie 4.0. Modular Jacks are found, for example, in industrial switches and human-machine interfaces. They meet the current IPC standards.

Due to their ruggedized and reliability, Modular Jacks can also be found frequently in industrial environments. They are used for data transmission of industrial applications, such as automation systems or control systems. Other areas of application are medical and measurement technology. Thanks to the PoE standards (Power over Ethernet), Modular Jack connectors are also suitable for applications in the transmission of electrical energy.

In control and communication technology Modular Jack belongs to the most frequently used type of connectors. It is compact and also simple to handle and enables high transmission rates up to the Gigabit range.

Product Sales Overview on the JunctionX Platform:

JunctionX specializes in the professional production, distribution, and sales of connectors/authentic substitute connectors, wire harnesses, cable products, and customized injection-molded parts, stamping parts. If you want to purchase or learn more about product solutions, please feel free to contact us through the following methods.



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