ERNI/TE|SMC Series|1.27mm IDC Board-to-Board Genuine/Alternative Connectors

ERNI/TE|SMC Series|1.27mm IDC Board-to-Board Genuine/Alternative Connectors

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Limited space and high performance demands are characteristics of many modern electronic systems, all of which the connectors must accommodate. There is a corresponding demand for compact, secure, and reliable connectors, with high signal integrity and a relatively high current-carrying capacity.

The comprehensive SMC range helps meet these requirements. The high-performance SMT connectors come in a number of different designs, heights, and contact densities in a 1.27 mm grid.

The basic design criteria for the SMC series include double-sided spring contacts for toprate contact properties and maximum contact reliability, a high-temperature resistant insulator with polarization and insertion chamfers, and a very high mating reliability.

The contact design exhibits a virtually continuous impedance profile and enables secure data transmission rates of up to 3 Gbit/s (differential) if the system is suitably designed.

1.ERNI/TE | Smc connector series | features:

2.ERNI/TE | Smc connector series | advantages:

High Reliable Contact Design

  • reliable, dual-beam female contact
  • twisted contact tulip (90°)
  • rolled, homogeneous surface, provides for more secure contact mating
  • wide contact surfaces between the mated pairs
  • extremely low surface roughness significantly reduces abrasion
  • low contact resistance

Polarization / Mating Face

  • mating face polarization guards against mismating and incorrect connection
  • more secure mating due to insertion chamfers in the capture range
  • distinctive guide elements for precise insertion

Robust Solder Clips

  • outstanding retention forces on the circuit board
  • soldering brackets absorb mechanical stress and are able to withstand high shock and vibration loads
  • documented shear and tear-off forces build trust in surface-mounted connectors (e.g., shear force: min. 1000 N; tear-off force: min. 100 N)

Interlocking Snap-In

  • lockable printed circuit board (PCB) and cable connectors
  • secured against heavy vibration and shock loads
  • snap-in: locking when mating; can only be released with tools
  • cable connector: integrated locking lever; can be manually released without tools
  • protection against accidental release of Wire-to-Board connections
  • cable guide provides for strain relief

Snap-In B-to-B Adapter

  • single-sided locking of Board-to-Board adapters on low-profile female connectors
  • enables the mating and release of two boards always on one specified side

Locating Pegs

  • geometrically heterogeneous locating pegs for precise positioning on the circuit board
  • enables excellent compensation of PCB holes for both positive and negative tolerances

3.ERNI/TE | Smc connector series | Model/material number details:

474356-E 354949-E 154763-E 244840-E 244839-E 254417-E
254416-E 244858-E 244854-E 244855-E 244856-E 244857-E
254590-E 254589-E 254836-E 354096-E 354094-E 234210-E
234209-E 234208-E 254539-E 244838-E 254538-E 234207-E
244837-E 254415-E 254537-E 254588-E 254414-E 254536-E
234206-E 254587-E 354097-E 354095-E 144185-E 144183-E
254273-E 064002-E 064003-E 154764-E 154765-E 154766-E
154767-E 354939-E 154721-E 354078-E 154719-E 154720-E
234200-E 234201-E 354072-E 204763-E 354056-E 354071-E
234198-E 354079-E 354080-E 354081-E 154717-E 354070-E
354057-E 204632-E 354055-E 354065-E 354064-E 354063-E
354062-E 354073-E 154718-E 154744-E 254262-E 154743-E
154740-E 154741-E 154742-E 234199-E 154807-E 154808-E
154805-E 154806-E

4.ERNI/TE | Smc connector series | Application field:

The SMC connectors offer ideal solutions everywhere small grid and high performance are required. The outstanding signal integrity and a relatively high current rating include an enormous variety of application possibilities.

Since SMC connectors work reliably under adverse conditions and are very robust, they are especially suitable for instrumentation and industrial applications. Areas of application of these safe, outstandingly processed elements are factory and process automation, industrial robots, switches or PLC controls and modular control systems for communication between controller and I/O modules use.

Product Sales Overview on the JunctionX Platform:
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