I-PEX|CABLINE®-UA II/20497-050T-40|0.3mm|AWG#42-#46 MCC/ Ultra-Fine Coaxial Cable

I-PEX|CABLINE®-UA II/20497-050T-40|0.3mm|AWG#42-#46 MCC/ Ultra-Fine Coaxial Cable

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Specializing in the production and sales of genuine/substitute connectors, cable products, as well as custom processing of injection-molded parts and stamped parts.

I-PEX|CABLINE®-UA II/20497-040T-50 MCC/ Ultra-Fine Coaxial Cable is a wire harness product assembled using a unique production process, featuring the I-PEX|CABLINE®-UA II/20497 series, model 20497-040T-50, an ultra-fine coaxial connector with a contact pitch of 0.3mm. It is compatible with ultra-fine coaxial cables of various American Wire Gauge (AWG) sizes: #42, #44, #46. Below are actual product images (for reference only).

1.Overview of Ultra-Fine Coaxial Cable Production and Processing:

The main process of cable processing involves: preparing the cable assembly, mounting the cable components onto the receptacle main body assembly, and soldering the bare wires to the receptacle signal terminals. The receptacle assembly is then covered with a receptacle housing, and the required areas are soldered to complete the receptacle harness.

Firstly, the ultra-fine coaxial cable undergoes pre-processing to facilitate the harness assembly. The cable, after pre-processing, is called a cable assembly. This pre-processing simplifies the cable soldering process to the connector, improving the stability of the receptacle harness quality. This is done before the cable is soldered to the connector.

Lastly, the outer conductor of the cable is soldered to the connector shell, and the cable’s outer conductor is electrically connected to the PCB through the connector to achieve good grounding characteristics.

2.Details of I-PEX Coaxial Connector Models used for Ultra-Fine Coaxial Cables:

20152-020U-20F 20152-030U-20F 20152-040U-20F 20152-050U-20F 20438-040T-01 20438-050T-01
20199-020U-F 20227-020U-21F 20227-030U-21F 20229-014T-F 20454-340T 20454-350T-01
20229-020T-F 20248-016T-F 20320-R30T-11 20320-R40T-11 20497-026T-30 20497-032T-30
20320-050T-11 20322-028T-11 20322-032T-11 20322-040T-11 20532-030T-02 20532-034T-02
20326-010T-02 20326-030T-02 20336-Y44T-01F 20338-Y30T-11F 20634-210T-02 20634-212T-02
20346-010T-32R 20346-015T-32R 20346-020T-32R 20346-025T-32R 20634-240T-02 20634-250T-02
20346-030T-32R 20346-035T-32R 20346-040T-32R 20373-R10T-06 20680-030T-01 20680-040T-01
20373-R14T-06 20373-R20T-06 20373-R30T-06 20373-R32T-06 20777-030T-01 20777-040T-01
20373-R35T-06 20373-R40T-06 20373-R50T-06 20395-032T 20847-040T-01 20830-R26T-30
20395-040T-04 20409-Y44T-01 20410-020U 20410-030U 20878-040T-01 20907-005E-01
20410-040U 20422-021T 20422-031T 20422-041T 20907-010E-01 20974-040T-01
20422-051T 20438-030T-01 20833-040T-01 20878-030T-01 20847-020T-01 20847-030T-01
20454-320T 20454-330T 20680-050T-01 20680-060T-01 20634-260T-02 20680-020T-01
20473-030T-10R 20473-040T-10R 20634-220T-02 20634-230T-02 20532-040T-02 20532-050T-02
20497-040T-30 20497-050T-30

Product Sales Overview on the JunctionX Platform:

JunctionX specializes in the professional production, distribution, and sales of connectors/authentic substitute connectors, wire harnesses, cable products, and customized injection-molded parts, stamping parts. If you want to purchase or learn more about product solutions, please feel free to contact us through the following methods.



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