The ERNI/TE MiniBridge series 1.27mm wire-to-board automotive genuine/replacement connectors

The ERNI/TE MiniBridge series 1.27mm wire-to-board automotive genuine/replacement connectors


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The compact design of the single-row cable connec-to r systems in a 1.27mmpitchis ideal for space-sa-ving connections between PCBs and decentralised function units such as operator panel displays, swit-ches, motors, fans or fuses.The cable connector sys-te misused in various fields for example, automobile industry, mechanical engineering, medical technology and also_consumer electronics.Various connection options can be realised thanks to the right angle or vertical male connectors and female connectors with 90°and 180°cable outlets.Both female and male connectors in SMT and IDC*variants are available.The plastic housing is temperature-resistant whereby the connector is suitable for lead-free reflow sold e-ring.The male connectors are available as tape andreel packaging for automatic assembly.The cable guide of the female connector simplifies cable_connection or individual wires.Prefabricated cables are available in stock.Specified assemblies are realised within a short time period.

*IDC=Insulation Displacement Connection

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Other areas of use are battery management systems and power electronics. Thanks to their compact shape, ruggedized and multiple mating variants, MiniBridge connectors are also widely used in the industrial environment. In medical technology they are in practical mating systems in ultrasonic devices, MRI devices, lab instruments and diverse diagnostic equipment.

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