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Introduction and Applications of ERNI DIN 41612/IEC-60603-2 Series Connectors

The DIN-41612/IEC-60603-2 family of connectors consists of 13 different basic shapes. The connectors are suitable for printed circuit boards and the transmission of electrical signals with frequencies up to three megahertz. Their grid dimension is 2.54 mm. Different shape variants enable a large range of applications. Male and female terminal strips are available with higher and lower contact thickness for various voltages.

Connection of DIN 41612 / IEC-60603-2, also called VG terminal strips, are mainly designed for multi-pin electrical connections of PCBs in the low-voltage range. The connectors have pin counts up to 160 and are suitable for the connection of plug-in boards with the backplane of a 19-inch rack. Male and female terminal strips must be fastened by solder technology or pressfit technology onto the circuit board.

A wide range of variants of DIN 41612 / IEC-60603-2 connectors results in a huge application range. In measurement technology the connectors can be used in measurement systems or analysis and test devices.

The application range of our DIN 41612 / IEC-60603-2 connectors is extraordinarily large. Connectors can be made between stacked PCBs, between PCBs and backplanes or between cables and PCBs. 

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